Bachelor of Fine Arts (Art)

Art Studio

Students in the Bachelor of Fine Arts (Art) program may choose one of two majors:

  • Art Studio
  • Art History/Museum Studies

Major in Art Studio

As a BFA - Art student majoring in Art Studio, your program includes hands-on, action-packed foundation studio courses that introduce you to diverse material and technical skills.

You then choose from a range of traditional and emerging art studio areas to explore in depth, including drawing, painting, printmaking, sculpture and material practices, installation and performance art, photography, video and media art and digital fabrication and electronic art.

In Advanced and Senior Studio, you have your own studio space and one-on-one mentorship from Art Studio faculty as you develop your art projects. Art History and Museum Studies courses help you hone your critical thinking and writing skills and provide a context for your emerging voice as an artist.

Major in Art History/Museum Studies 

Art History/Museum Studies

As a BFA – Art student majoring in Art History/Museum Studies, you are part of a truly unique program that combines critical studies in art history and theory with extensive hands-on museum and gallery experience. We specialize in nineteenth to twenty-first century European and North American and First Nations Art History, giving you a deeper knowledge of the art that matters now. You also choose a range of art studio courses that provide direct experience and first-hand understanding of art techniques and materials. An essential part of your program is the museum studies stream, in which you learn the ins and outs of gallery work. There are many opportunities to gain valuable work experience with the University’s renowned teaching collection of over 13,000 objects, and through internship opportunities. Our graduates have a very high rate of employment in the museum field.

Portfolio Requirements

Students pursuing a BFA (Art) with a major in Art History Museum Studies are NOT required to submit a portfolio. Students pursuing a BFA (Art) with a major in Art Studio are required to submit a portfolio and a personal statement.

Portfolio Requirements (see Step 3)

For course requirements in your program check out a sample program planning guide