Spring 2017 Art Course Descriptions

Department of Art - Spring 2017

Course Descriptions that do not appear in the Calendar

ARHI 3151 A - Critical Issues in Contemporary Indigenous Art History

This course examines current critical issues in contemporary Indigenous art and visual culture from across the settler-colonial areas of North American, as well as Australia and New Zealand. We will explore how Indigenous arts are understood in the communities in which they are made, how First Nations, Metis, and Inuit artworks have been understood in a Western art historical discourse and museum exhibitions as well as the relationship between “historic” and “contemporary” Indigenous arts. This course will investigate the recent role of Indigenous art in the questioning of identity and self-representation, decolonization, sovereignty, self-determination, and anti-colonial resistance. The course will rely heavily on course readings and class participation, structured like a seminar it is organized both thematically and geographically in order to address the specific concerns of the land, visual culture, survivance, and Indigeneity.

PREREQUISITES:ONE of Art History 1000 OR third-year standing (minimum of 60.0 credit hours).

ARHI 3151 B - Gender Issues in Art and Art History

Working from a historical and theoretical introduction to feminist and gender theory, this course considers the function of gender in historical and contemporary art and art history. It looks at specific gender issues at selected historical moments, before a closer examination of feminist art from the 1970s and 1980s, and later gender theory including queer theory and masculinity studies.

NOTE: Students CANNOT receive credit for this course AND AHMS 4150 - Advanced Gender Issues in Art and Art History.

PREREQUISITES: ONE of Art History 1000 OR third-year standing (minimum of 60.0 credit hours).

ARHI 4150 A - Art and Social Justice

This seminar course will examine connections between art, politics and social justice in a variety of historical contexts before considering how various contemporary artists grapple with social justice issues. Student research presentations will focus on art from the 1960s to the present, and may include diverse topics from Ai WeiWei’s posing as a drowned Syrian toddler to the REDress project focusing on missing and murdered indigenous women. A component of the grade may be comprised of a relevant art project.

Warning: topics may be emotionally difficult.

PREREQUISITES: 25 university-level courses (75.0 credit hours) including 4 AHMS classes.

ART 3015 A - Digital Fabrication
A beginners-level introduction to techniques and concepts of art production through computer-aided design and fabrication. Students will be introduced to 2D/3D modelling software, CNC (computer-numerical control) machining, and, 3D printing methods. An emphasis will be placed on exploring critical and creative ways of combining digital design and fabrication with drawing, painting, photography, sculpture, and/or installation.

NOTE: Studio course.

PREREQUISITES: ONE of Art 3005, ART 3006, ART 3010, ART 3023, ART 3027, ART 3033, ART 3060 OR ART 3061.

ART 3850 A - LandMarks 2017 (Spatial SDtorytelling: Land, Art, Place and Community)

LandMarks2017 will ignite a national conversation through art, offers students an opportunity to work on a site-specific art installation at Indian Battle Park in Lethbridge, and collaborate with nationally renowned artists and curators. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to examine our collective histories and have a conversation about our shared future. Students at the University of Lethbridge are invited to enrol in a specially designed, national curriculum with a focus on studio art at the advanced undergraduate level.

PREREQUISITES: 15 university level courses including a minimum of two Art Studio courses at the 3000 or 4000


ART 3040 (A and B) - Advanced Studio (6 credit hours)

ART 4048 and 4049 - Senior Studio (6 credit hours)

The following instructors will be available as advising faculty members for the above listed classes in Spring 2017

  • Michael Campbell
  • Dagmar Dahle

Students who register for these courses will attend an orientation and will be given a sign‑up sheet at the first class meeting. Within the first week of classes, they are asked to complete and sign the sheet and have an advising faculty member (from the listing above) also sign the sheet indicating their willingness to guide their studio work. Please note that faculty members are not obligated to act as an advisor for any individual student and it is, therefore, suggested that students meet with more than one faculty member when selecting an advisor.

PREREQUISITES: As per calendar.