About the Art Department

Undergraduate Programs

Bachelor of Fine Arts (Art) degrees (Art Studio or Art History/Museum Studies)

Taught by active, contemporary artists and scholars, the programs offer intensive instruction in art study and provide opportunities for students to engage in critical, theoretical and historical dialogue related to material practice and art history.

Art Studio courses balance a combination of media, approaches and theoretical contexts for art production. Courses are offered in drawing, painting, sculpture, photography, digital and electronic art, video, sound art, printmaking, installation, site, and performance art.

Our spacious and well-equipped studio facilities permit students to undertake ambitious material projects in an environment of expert technical support, creative guidance and critical dialogue. Foundation Studio courses provide introduction to a diversity of materials and ideas that are expanded upon at the upper levels. Senior Studio students are allocated individual studio spaces facilitating independent art production at an advanced level.

The Art History & Museum Studies program is the only degree in Canada to combine history, theory and hands-on experience at the undergraduate level. Students intern in regional public art galleries and museums and gain valuable, career-specific skills.

The Visiting Speakers in the Arts Program offers extensive exposure to leading practitioners in the field. With several high profile visitors every week—including artists, critics, historians and curators—students have a unique learning experience, one that illuminates national and international achievement.

Lethbridge is home to a large number of artists per capita and a vibrant and dynamic art scene in which our students are active and valued participants. The annual Juried Student Exhibition, BFA Art Graduate show and numerous other exhibition opportunities provide professional experience and visibility to students. Many of our graduates go into careers as professional artists, into gallery, museum and educational professions, and on to advanced studies in Art Studio, Art History, Museum Studies, Architecture, Design and related disciplines.

Graduate Program

Master of Fine Arts (Art) degree

This two-year, full-time, graduate degree program, is for students interested in pursuing advanced study in visual arts. This Art Studio program accepts one to two students per year on a competitive basis, keeping the cohort small. Each student is provided with a generous, independent studio space and access to well-equipped technical facilities and support. Students follow an approved thesis program under the supervision of a Supervisory Committee comprised of University of Lethbridge faculty members. The program requires the completion of coursework and thesis project, culminating in an exhibition/ presentation and thesis defense.