Program Planning

How to do your own program check

What you will need:

  1. Your transcript (download a working copy from the Bridge)
  2. Your Program Planning Guide – ensure you use the correct program year
  3. You may need old timetables to double-check the course designation (for the GLER) of some of your courses. (available online here:
  4. Pen or pencil
  5. About half an hour of time

How to do your own program check:

  1. Count the number of courses on your transcript. Combined degree students should count only the Fine Arts courses.
  2. Get the right degree worksheet and program planning guide for your calendar year and major.
  3. Go through your transcript and write down each course you have successfully completed on page two of your Degree Worksheet. The courses required in your program should be listed in the left-hand column, and all other courses should go in the column on the right. The number of courses on this page should equal the number of courses you counted on your transcript.
  4. Use the courses from page two to fill out page three of the Degree Worksheet. Individual courses may be listed more than once, or not at all on this page. If you are unsure of the designation of a course, check in the timetable.
  5. Now, go to your Program Planning Guide and check off the requirements for your major that you have completed, using the list in the left-hand column on page two of your Degree Worksheet.
  6. Bring your Degree Worksheet and Program Planning Guide to W660 to have it checked by an advisor!

Student Responsibilities for Program Planning

It is your responsibility to ensure that you complete the requirements for your degree. Refer to your Degree Worksheet, Program Planning Guide, and the Calendar to plan your program and register in courses.

You should pay particular attention to prerequisite requirements and course sequencing so you can complete your program in the least amount of time.

Remember that program requirements vary depending on your calendar year (usually the year that you were admitted to the U of L), so your requirements may be different from a friend's requirements, even if you have the same major!

Student Program Advisors are here to help! We understand that the requirements for your degree program may be confusing. If you are unsure of your program requirements or which courses you should take when, please contacta Student Program Advisor!

Why wonder? Just ask!