Preferred Vendor Contracts


Materials Management's Procurement Services serves University faculty and staff by procuring the goods and selected services necessary to fulfill their business needs. Services include purchase and/or contracting for supplies, transport, shipping,receiving, mail services and disposal when goods become surplus to University needs. In keeping with this mandate, the University is involved in co-operative ventures to purchase goods and services with other institutions and local organizations. Participation in these co-operatives has resulted in significant savings for the University. Any questions regarding these contracts can be directed to Daryl Schacher.


As a member of WUSMA, Western Universities Supply Management Association, we participate in a number of national agreements which are negotiated through the National Procurement Committee of the Canadian Association of University Business Officers CAUBO. Agreements which we are currently participating in are as follows:



The University of Lethbridge is also a member of the Lethbridge Public Purchasing Consortium, LPPC, of which the following entities are members:

  • Lethbridge School District #51
  • Palliser Regional School District
  • County of Lethbridge No. 26
  • City of Lethbridge
  • Lethbridge College
  • Holy Spirit Roman Catholic Separate Regional Division #4

The University is currently participating in the following LPPC Contracts:

  • Stationery Supplies - Staples Advantage (Formerly Corporate Express)
  • Elevator Maintenance and Modernization - Thyssenkrupp Elevator
  • Photocopier Paper - As Tendered
  • Courier Services - FedEx
  • Fluorescent Lamps and Bulbs - Guillevin
  • Gasoline (piggyback - City of Lethbridge contract) - Prairie Fuel Advisors (Contract Administered by the Alberta Association of Municipal Districts and Counties AAMD&C)- Fuel ordered thru Imperial Oil Ltd.


Laboratory supplies and chemicals (joint contract with University of Calgary)

University of Lethbridge IT Store