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U of L Work Permit Process

Work Permit Application for the University of Lethbridge

Each person employed by the University on a permanent basis coming from outside of Canada will be required to go through this process.

To initiate the process, birthdates and any middle name(s) are required beyond the information received from the hiring department/faculty for each person being employed for the documentation needed to complete for the "pre work permit" documentation.

Term or temporary employees who are citizens of the U.S. or Mexico may use NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreement) to receive temporary work permits.

We will complete a required Labour Market Opinion (LMO) application and forward all documentation for the V.P. Academic's signature.

Upon receipt of this signed documentation, it is faxed to Service Canada. The LMO, once authorized, confirms the person offered the position from outside Canada is not taking a position from a qualified Canadian citizen or Permanent Resident.

Upon receipt of the authorization of the LMO (sent by fax from Service Canada), they are scanned and forwarded to the employee via e-mail (or faxed if that is the preference). The LMO may take six to eight weeks.

Once the LMO is received, the employee may then go ahead and apply for the Work Permit. Forms will be attached to an e-mail - they are fillable on the computer. The employee will then send/take a copy of the LMO with the work permit application and other documents that may be required by CIC to the nearest Canadian consulate. It is recommended the employee phone to find out specifically what they will require beyond these documents and the hours of operation if applying in person.

Depending on the country of citizenship, a Temporary Residence Visa (TRV) may also be required.

To find out if you need a temporary resident visa, check the list of countries and territories whose citizens need a visa to enter Canada to visit, study or work temporarily.

Once Work Permits (and TRV if applicable) are obtained and in hand, the employee will be able to arrive here to work.

Human Resources will need to see the work permit when you have arrived here and make certified copies for the Human Resources/Payroll/Benefits file.

Upon arrival, you will need to go to a local office and apply for a Canadian Social Insurance Number (SIN).

The SIN is for the purpose of our federal taxation and insurances programs and must be provided in order to be paid. We will walk you through the process on your arrival and where you need to apply. Once you have received the SIN (or proof of application) this must be brought to Human Resources for copies to be made for your Payroll and Benefits file.

The SIN is a nine digit number that will start with a “9” to signify non resident status and will have an expiry date the same as your temporary work permit.

There will be a further step of applying for Permanent Residence status (see section on Permanent Residence Application) and that may be done after the employee’s arrival. We have a “fast track” process for this for faculty (see Permanent Residence Application Through Provincial Nominee Program).

Forms are available electronically and may be filled out electronically. These forms will be supplied on request.

For further information on this process, please contact Nancy Pastoor @ 403-317-2858 or nancy.pastoor@uleth.ca.