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Social Insurance Number

A Social Insurance Number (SIN) is a nine-digit number used for the purposes of government programs such as paying taxes on monies earned, paying into government pension plans, using government services and receiving benefits. You must have a Social Insurance Number to work in Canada and to receive benefits.

Employers must verify the SIN card in order to pay an employee. A bank may also request a SIN when applying for certain investments which may generate an amount in interest earned which must be reported to the government.

The SIN is not an identification card and should never be used as such. Keep your card in a safe place and your number confidential. It should only be given to the appropriate federal government departments or financial institutions as required.

For new arrivals from outside Canada applying for the SIN for the first time, you will require your Temporary Work Permit to apply. The SIN will start with the number “9” to which denotes a non-resident status and will have an expiry date coinciding with the work permit.

How to Apply:

Please contact Nancy Pastoor at 403-317-2858  nancy.pastoor@uleth.ca regarding application for the Social Insurance Number.