Faculty Recruitment Services


Relocation Assistance

A relocation allowance is made available to new faculty members to assist in the cost of moving. Entitlement to this allowance or any special provisions related to your relocation will be set out in your letter of appointment. Approved relocation expenses are reimbursed according to the Relocation Allowance Regulations administered by Financial Services.

Primary Contact

Anita Salberg in Financial Services is your primary contact for relocation assistance, procedures, and questions. Anita has been assisting new faculty with their moving arrangements and claims at the U of L.

You can reach Anita at anita.salberg@uleth.ca or (403) 329-2398.

The University has negotiated contracts with certain moving companies (St. George Moving & Storage, Mayflower Canada) for both domestic and international moves. The use of these contracts will assist in ensuring adequate insurance coverage, quality of move, control of costs, and should problems arise, being able to deal with someone locally.


Where the services of a University approved moving company are used, the University will pay the moving company directly. Normally Anita will provide the company with the origin and destination details and receive an appraisal for the cost of the move. Upon agreement by all parties involved, approval is given to the moving company to book the move and invoice the cost directly to Financial Services upon completion. The new employee is responsible for any costs over and above the maximum set forth in the letter of appointment.

New faculty may choose to use the services of other moving companies, in which case, the University requires 2-3 estimates from professional movers. Once an estimate is approved, moving costs should be paid by the new faculty member upon completion of the move and the receipts submitted to the University (Anita) for re-imbursement.

Moving Tips

The following web links provide helpful moving & packing tips and planning checklists: