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Accommodation Types

Apartment/Apartment Condominium: One or more rooms of a building used as a place to live, in a building containing at least one other unit used for the same purpose. Usually has, at least cooking facilities, a bathroom and a place to sleep. Those who live in these units pay rent for their use usually on a monthly basis.

Bachelor suite: A private room to yourself where the kitchen is part of the same room as the bedroom and living room.

Studio Apartment: A Studio apartment is a small apartment in which the living area and bedroom are combined within a single space. This is similar to a bachelor suite, but with a more clearly defined kitchen space and more square footage.

Basement Suite: An apartment in the basement of a house, often occupied by the owner.

Multiplex: A house divided into multiple living units with separate entrances (duplex, threeplex, fourplex, fiveplex)

House: A dwelling that serves as living quarters for one or more families

Townhouse: A dwelling unit, generally having two or more floors and attached to other similar units via shared walls.

Room and Board: Living facilities including food.