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Elder Care

Lethbridge has excellent resources for help and information on elder care in our community.

Chinook Regional Hospital and area--- http://www.chr.ab.ca/site_map.htm; also search for senior health/community care

From an Alberta perspective-information on seniors and benefits----http://www.gov.ab.ca/home/index.cfm —under people services.

For personal directives--- Contact Bill Alles @ 381-5774; bill.alles@gov.ab.ca; also @ www.seniors.gov.ab.ca/services_resources/opg/persdir/index.asp and at http://www.phen.ab.ca/pcons/perdir.asp;

CHR Access Line---------- 388-6380—regarding Homecare, AADL (assisted living subsidy), long-term care

Health Link Line------------ 1-866-408-5465

On campus please contact Lori Weber (RN), Manager Health Centre  403-329-2483 lori.weber@uleth.ca