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Welcome to The University of Lethbridge, one of Canada's finest post-secondary institutions. Our focus on the liberal arts, selected professional programs, smaller classes, co-op placements, and involvement of students in faculty research provides the very best education available. At the graduate level we have Masters and PhD programs in the humanities, social sciences, sciences, education, and management.

Our faculty are among the very best. Our combined funding from Alberta and federal sources is the highest in Canada for Universities our size and our scholars publish at a very high rate. As a clear indication of this success the U of L faculty have received many awards and recognition for their research and teaching.

This record of success did not just happen. The Government of Alberta and members of the southern Alberta community have contributed to this success story from the founding of the University in 1967. The U of L owes much of its success to the people of Alberta and I know Albertans are proud of what has been accomplished in a very short period of time.