Key Parameters of the Destination Project

Download the Key Parameters document [PDF]

The following offers highlights from the Key Parameters document for the Destination Project.

The Key Parameters document will help ensure that the project is understood in principle and overall scope before moving ahead to the next, more detailed, steps of functional programming and initial design. The document will help form the basis for further project definition during subsequent functional programming and design stages of project development.

The Destination Project, formerly dubbed the Science Complex Project, aims to provide the best teaching, learning and research resources in Canada.

The Destination Project aspires to be just that, a facility that will attract the best and brightest to southern Alberta. A place with enhanced teaching and learning models that embraces modern technology, while supporting a diverse range of research activities in a more team oriented and collaborative setting

Functional Parameters

The Destination Project features a fusion of new construction, campus infrastructure expansion and renovations to University Hall. This will allow the new and existing facilities to thrive for years to come.

 The project`s design will consider flexibility, modularity, durability and operational sustainability.

 To embody these principles, the project will be developed with:

  • Emphasis on accommodating the needs of current and future opportunities, rather than the specific needs of current users;
  • Emphasis on open, modular, flexible, pooled and generically services and furnished space, office and work space areas;
  • Robust and flexible infrastructure that is capable of responding to unforeseen changes in needs without fundamental changes to structure and whole minimizing disruption of ongoing activities;
  • Space zoned to facilitate future changes in use and allocation, economy of construction, and the varying requirements of future activities and occupants.

Other features of the project include a new central heating plant, a central data centre, innovative and sustainable energy initiatives, and a robust emergency systems infrastructure and upgraded campus infrastructure such as roads, water and sewage.

Physical Parameters

A site for the Destination Project has yet to be chosen however, key criteria for site selection will ensure that the scale of new construction will be appropriate to the functional requirements.

The physical parameters of the project will continue to develop as functional and design opportunities and constraints become better understood.

Project will be designed to LEED standards.

A Key Parameters process outlining the objectives of the University Hall Renewal is currently under development.