Where does the money for capital projects come from?

Most projects are funded through government grants, but some funding comes from Facilities' capital, infrastructure and maintenance funds, and from generous donors.

Why is there always construction on campus during the summer?

Major construction usually takes from May to August because there are less people on campus. While U of L is still busy throughout these months, summertime is when construction can be the least obtrusive and inconvenient for campus users.

Who decides what gets built? Where it gets built and when?

Ideas for campus capital projects come from a variety of sources and follow a standard planning process that includes project definition, stakeholder consultation and executive approval. From initial discussion to construction, this process can take months, or in the case of major capital projects, years.

I have a project idea. How can I let the U of L know about it?

All projects begin with a planning process. Get in touch with our Campus Planning and Architecture department at 403-329-2602 for more information.