The Project Management Office (PMO) was formed in October of 2011 combining the Major Construction Projects Unit and the Project Management Unit.

The PMO manages both major (>$1 million) and minor (<$1 million) projects, with each project manager being responsible for at least one major, and between four and eight minor projects in a fiscal year.

The following is a list of the major projects that the department has been involved with over the past year:

  • Regional Aquatic Centre Facility Upgrade ($5.4M)
  • University Centre for the Arts Air Quality Environmental Deficiency Phase 1 ($4.6M)
  • University Hall Level 4 C, D, E Renovation for Residence ($3.4M)
  • Kainai House Interior Renovation ($1.9M)
  • CCBN Westside Addition ($1.3M)
  • Phyiscal Education Building Renovations ($3.4M)
  • Western Parking Lot Redevelopment ($2.5M)
  • Prairie Quad ($1.3M)
  • Aperture Park Residence ($30M)