Specialty Doors/Frames

Access Doors and Panels

  1. Locate access doors in all units at mixing boxes, coils, fans and filter sections as a minimum.
  2. Doors shall swing outward in a negative pressure section.
  3. Doors shall swing inward in a positive pressure section.
  4. Doors shall be fully gasketed and insulated.
  5. Doors shall be hinged.
  6. Doors shall be equipped with view window for each module.
  7. Door sizes shall be large enough to conduct normal maintenance with ease.


Windows shall be double or triple glazed as a minimum. New building window types shall be as laid out in the energy charette conducted for the project.

Skylights and Sloped Windows

Skylights and sloped windows are not recommended and should not be used. Any use of skylights or sloped windows requires special approval from the University.