Plumbing Fixtures

Plumbing Fixtures

Commercial Plumbing Fixtures

  • LEED standard flow requirements shall be used as a minimum for all plumbing fixtures.
  • Supply tubes used for all plumbing fixtures to be braided stainless steel hose.
  • No screwdriver stops for shutoffs, use ball valves.
  • Use electrical power for automated sensor fixtures.
  • Wall hydrants to be recessed chrome, concealed with vacuum breaker.

Commercial Water Closets, Urinals, and Bidets

  • Wall hung waterless urinals shall be used for all applications. Refer to acceptable manufacturer‟s list (Table 22 06 30-1).
  • Floor mounted dual flush, low flow water closets shall be used for all applications. Refer to acceptable manufacturers‟ list (Table 22 06 30-1).

Commercial Lavatories and Sinks

  • Refer to architectural specifications prior to the selection of hanging requirements.
  • Provide infrared hands free water flow with all lavatories.
  • Provide adequate wall access to valves for maintenance on all fixtures.
  • Service sinks are to have back splash protection on two sides minimum.
  • Provide recessed DHW hose bibb connection underneath lavatory in all washrooms with urinals. Conceal hose bibb with access door mount flush with the wall.
  • Refer to acceptable manufacturer‟s list for more details (Table 22 06 30-1).
  • Provide flexible bubbler guard on water fountains