Common Work Results for Plumbing

  1. Mechanical Department requires a minimum of 48 hours notice when tying into existing building mechanical systems. This includes:
    • Domestic cold water piping
    • Domestic hot water piping
    • Chilled water piping
    • Hot water heating piping
    • Glycol heating piping
    • RO piping
    • Compressed air system piping
    • Fire protection piping
  2. The University will decommission all existing systems.
  3. Mechanical rooms shall be provided with at least one non-freeze hose bib with back flow preventer.
  4. Mechanical rooms shall be provided with a minimum of one floor drain.
  5. Provide a mop sink in all mechanical rooms that contain any of the following items: air handling units, pumps, boilers, chillers, sump pits.
  6. Provide an additional floor drain in mechanical rooms near any of the following items: air handling units, pumps, boilers, chillers, sump pits.
  7. The University has a standard for tagging of equipment. This may be obtained from the University Utilities department.
  8. All drawings must include a schedule of all equipment (including Chiller, Pumps, VAVs, RHC, etc.). These schedules should itemize the parameters for balancing and also the location of service areas. Schedules are to be provided electronically in spreadsheet format. Consult the University Engineering department for more information.
  9. For mechanical rooms not accessible to an elevator, provide a lifting device and supports to move heavy equipment up and down stairs safely and easily.
  10. Drain valves are required downstream of branches serving areas on DCW, DHW, and DHWR. Provide shut-off valves for these lines on every level of the building.
  11. Double nut hangers on all thread after lead adjust on 2” (50mm) pipe and smaller.
  12. Ball valves required for all gauges and auto vents.
  13. All gauges to be liquid filled, minimum size 63mm.
  14. All mechanical piping to be supported from above. No floor supports.
  15. Use lug type butterfly valves 2.5 inches and up.
  16. SPARE PARTS LIST. As applicable, the following is to be provided at the completion of construction:
    • One case of cartridges for each waterless urinal installed.
    • One rebuild kit for each faucet, flushometer, PRV, backflow and wall hydrant installed.
    • Spare seal for each pump installed.

Identification for Plumbing Piping and Equipment

  1. Provide directional arrows on all lines (when applicable) indicating the direction of fluid flow.
  2. Refer to the following table (Table 22 05 53-1) f2 Refer to the following table (Table 22 05 53-1) for the piping and valve identification legend and colours:
Pipe Marker Legend Valve Tag Legend Primary Colour Band Colour
Chilled Water SupplyCH.W.S.Green
Chilled Water ReturnCH.W.S.GreenRed
Domestic cold WaterD.C.W.GreenNone
Domestic Hot Water SupplyD.H.W.S.YellowGreem
Domestic Hot Water Recirc.D.H.W.R.YellowGreen
Heating Water SupplyH.W.S.YellowNone
Heating Water ReturnH.W.R.YellowNone
Reheat Water SupplyR.H.S.YellowNone
Reheat Watern ReturnR.H.R.YellowNone
Glycol SupplyGly.S.PurpleNone
Glycol ReturnGly.R.PurpleNone
Storm SewerSt.S.L. BlueNone
Sanitary SewerSan.S.BrownNone
R.O. WaterR.O.WhiteNone
Compressed AirC.A.Med. BlueNone
Fire Protection WaterF.P.W.RedWhite
Sprinkler WaterS.W.RedWhite
Vent Piping PlumbingVBrownBlue
Natural GasGasOrangeNone

Table 22 05 53-2 T-Bar and Access Dots

Item Colour
Cleaning and Service AccessYellow
Control DevicesBlack
Dampers (Backdraft, Balance, Control)Blue
Dampers (Fire)Red
Smoke Dampers & DetectorsRed
Pipe Mounted DevicesBlue

Schedules for Plumbing

Submit alignment reports for pumps and fans after installation is complete.

Schedules for Plumbing Piping and Pumps

Provide pump curves.

Schedules for Plumbing Equipment

Table 22 06 30-1 Acceptable Manufacturers for Plumbing Equipment

Item Description Acceptable Manufacturer
Access DoorsMaaxam, Acudor, Milcor, CanAqua, Mifab
Air CompressorsHydrovane, Champion
Air DryersDeltech, Cactus
Air VentsHoneywell Braukmann, Watts, Taco, Amtrol
Backflow PreventersWatts (No Equals)
Commissioning AgentsUniversity of Lethbridge
CleanoutsAncon, Jay R Smith, Zurn
Drains - Floor, Roof, Cleanouts, Trap Primers, Water Hammer ArrestorsZurn, Ancon, J.R. Smith
Drinking Fountains (Hand Operated)Oasis
Expansion CompensatorsFlexonics, United Flexible
Expansion JointsFlexonics, United Flexible
Eye Wash FountainsWestern, Haws, Bradley, Encon
Fire ExtinguishersAnsul, Flag, Kidd, Pyrene, Pryo-chem
Fire Extinguisher CabinetsCFH Industries, Impaction Firequip INc., National Fire Equipment, Wholesale Fire and Rescue Ltd.
Fire HydrantsMcAvity M-67 (No Equals)
Flexible Connectors - PipingFlexonics, United Flexible, Mueller, Flewxpipe
Floor DrainsAncon, Jay R Smith, Zurn
Floor Trap PrimersZurn 1022
Guages - OWG Pressure (liquid filled, stianless steel)Ashcroft, Weiss
Guages - TemperatureTrend
Grooved Mechanical Pipe Joints - Fire Protection OnlyVictaulic
Insulation - Piping and DuctFibreglass Canada, Manson, Knauf Manville
Jacketing - CanvasAlpha Maritex, Clairmont, Diplag, S Fattal Thermocanvas
Meters - Water (m3)Neptune
Meters - Gas (ft3)Roots, Canadian Meter
Pipibg Hangers and SaddlesGrinnell, Myatt
Plumbing TrimAmerican Standard, Powers ,Crane, Symmons, Delta, Sloan
Plumbing FixturesCrane, American Standard, Arista Newman, Haws, Bradley, Wester, Sloan
Pumps - IN-Line Circulators (General)Grundfos
Pumps - In-Line DHWRGrundfos (stainless steel body c/w bronze flanges)
Pumps - SumpGrundfos (stainless steel)
Pumps - SealsType 21
Pumps - Sewage LiftHydromatic, Tsurumi
Pumps - Veritical In-Line and Base MountedAremstrong, B & G, Taco, Grundfos, Aurora
Regulators - gasFisher
Reverse OsmosisROH20 systems
Roof Drains (Cast Domes only)JR Smit, Zurn
Sanitary and Storm ManholesFollow City of Lethbridge standards
Sinks - SpecialtyFiat, Cambridge
Sinks - Stainless SteelAmerican Standard, Kindred (Aristaline)
Sinks - TrimDelta (No Equals)
StrainersArmstrong, Metraflex, Kitz
Urinals - Water FreeFalcon, Sloan
Valves - Butterfly (over 50mm) - Lug type onlyKeystone, DeZurik, Centreline, Crane, Toyo, Kitz, Apollo
Valves - CheckCrane, Toyo
Valves - Backwater ABSBow, Canplus, Zurn, Watts, JR Smith
Valves - Ball (Soft Closing)Jenkins, Toyo, Crane, MA Stewart
Valves - GlobeBonney Forge
Valves - Silent CheckVal-matic, Metraflex, Bonney Forge
Solenoid ValvesASCO - (No Equals)
Valves - Water Pressue ReducingWatts
Vibration IsolationMason, Vibro Acoustic, Korfund
Wall Hydrants - non freezeJR Smith
Water Closets (6L)Caroma, Mansfield (Dual Flush)
Water closets - Seat coversOlsonite, Centoco
Water Hammer ArrestorsAmtrol, JR Smith

Commissioning of Plumbing

  1. The University reserves the right to inspect and camera all underground storm, weeping tile and sanitary sewer piping prior to being permanently covered.
  2. All piping shall be pressure tested prior to receiving insulation.
  3. Pressure test all plumbing lines to 1.5 times system operating pressure or as specified by the Design Consultant, whichever is more stringent.
  4. All pressure testing shall be witnessed and signed off by the Contractor and a University Representative.

Plumbing Piping and Pumps

Facility Water Distribution

Facility Water Distribution Piping

  1. Piping shall be pitched and valves installed to allow for complete drainage of system.
  2. All piping run within the building shall be concealed in the finished portions of the building in pipe spaces, ceilings or chases wherever possible.
  3. No pipe shall pass in front of or interfere with any openings, doors or windows. No pipe shall pass in front of or interfere with clearances around mechanical equipment.
  4. Piping shall not pass exposed through electrical or telecom rooms or be erected over any switchboard or other electrical gear unless required by Fire Code.
  5. Piping shall be installed with adherence to the National Plumbing Code, the Alberta Building Code and all local authorities.
  6. Maintain a minimum of 50mm clearance between all insulated piping and other obstructions.
  7. Strainers are required before all PRVs and backflow prevention devices.
  8. Bypasses shall be installed around all water meters and control valves.
  9. Provide fireproofing material and caulking in the space between all sleeves and pipes.
  10. Where pipes pass through fire-rated partitions, the space around the pipes shall be sealed and/or filled with fireproofing sealers.
  11. All equipment drain lines shall be piped and sloped to the nearest possible floor drain. Provide appropriate trapping, where required
  12. Use instantaneous potable hot water systems. Provide heat exchangers tied into the hot water distribution system, wherever possible. Avoid the use of gas fired domestic water heaters.
  13. All systems shall be designed and installed as per the National Plumbing Code, latest edition.
  14. Use only type L piping hand drawn copper tubing for all weather piping. Joints shall be made with no-lead solder.
  15. Water hammer arrestors shall be installed on cold water piping to toilet rooms where flush valves are used. Use water hammer arrestors for all quick acting automatic valves supplying equipment.
  16. Provide a meter on the following services upon entering the new building; gas, water, electrical.
  17. Backflow prevention devices shall be a minimum of 75mm in size.

Domestic Water Piping

  1. PRV‟s installed in pairs parallel.
  2. Backflow device complete with air gap fitting. Backflow size: minimum ¾” (19mm).
  3. All domestic water lines are to be copper.