Common Work Results for Openings

  1. Avoid the use of doors for all multi-fixture washrooms where possible.
  2. A window shall be provided in all office and classroom doors to provide for some degree of visual surveillance. The requirements are:
  • Classrooms and office doors will have the same glazing detail
  • Clear vision size = 125mm X 250mm
  • Vertical centre line = 1575mm
  • Horizontal centre line = 200mm
  • Passage door windows shall be 150mm X 410mm

3. Provide 230mm space between door frames and sidelight window frames to accommodate room identification and tackboards

Schedules for Openings

Door Hardware Schedule

  1. Under the current agreement with the manufacturer, all keys and cylinders shall be shipped directly to the University.
  2. The University shall supply a limited amount of construction cylinders for use during the construction which must be returned upon completion of the project.