Common Work Results for HVAC

  1. Outdoor Conditions
    • All ambient weather design information shall be as supplied by the Alberta Building Code:
      • Lethbridge Design Conditions:
      • Elevation: 910m
      • Design Winter DB: -30
      • Design Summer DB: 31
      • Design Summer WB: 18
  2. Indoor Conditions
    • All spaces listed in Table 23 06 00-1 specify maximum and minimum occupancy temperatures. The maximum shall be used for summer and the minimum for winter design conditions.
    • For zone relative humidity requirements, refer to the air handling section, unless otherwise noted.
    • All university spaces shall be designed according to ASHRAE Standard 62-04 (or latest version) or Table 23 06 00-1, whichever is more stringent.
  3. General
    • All ductwork shall be pressure tested as per the SMACNA Standards for Leak Testing Ductwork.
    • All hangers and spacing shall be as per SMACNA Standards.
  4. The University has a standard for tagging of equipment. This may be obtained from the University Utilities department.
  5. All drawings must include a schedule of all equipment (including Chiller, Pumps, VAVs, RHC, etc.). These schedules should itemize the parameters for balancing and also the location of service areas. Consult the University Engineering department for more information.
  6. A dashed area line should be shown on the drawings where equipment requires area for maintenance and access (i.e. coil pulls, motor access).
  7. Air handling units shall be located with adequate space for maintenance and coil pulls. Where an area does not appear to meet this criterion, it shall be noted to the University.
  8. Avoid the use of mechanical rooms as air plenums.
  9. For mechanical rooms not accessible to an elevator, provide a lifting device and supports to move heavy equipment up and down stairs safely and easily.
  10. Provide access doors for maintenance with all air intake dampers/louvers.
  11. Marine lights for inspection shall be located in all sections. Lights should be wired to a single switch located on the outside of the air handling unit.
  12. Provide two lights in each fan and filter module.
  13. Provide inspection windows in all fan sections as a minimum.
  14. Provide a minimum of one 115V receptacle on the outside wall near middle section of air handling unit.
  15. SPARE PARTS LIST. As applicable, the following is to be provided at the completion of construction:
    • Spare belts for each fan installed.
    • Spare seal for each pump installed.
    • One set of bag filters for each AHU installed.
    • Four sets of pre-filters for each AHU installed.
    • One complete gasket set for each heat exchanger installed.