Common Work Results for Finishes

Common Finishes

  1. Bare concrete floors are preferred in all stairwell, mechanical, electrical, telecom and housekeeping areas, unless otherwise specified. All concrete floors shall be complete with an acrylic floor sealer. Installer to confirm with Manager of Caretaking on brand of sealer and method of application prior to installation.
  2. Carpeting is preferred in all secondary corridors, classrooms and offices, unless otherwise specified.
  3. Classroom & corridor floor carpeting shall be no less than 28 oz. broadloom or carpet tile with woven nylon and a minimum of 20 year warranty. Office floor carpet no less than 26 oz. broadloom or carpet tile with woven nylon and a minimum of 20 year warranty.
  4. Housekeeping pads for mechanical equipment to be painted grey with edges painted yellow along the perimeter edge and on top of the pad 75mm in from the edge.
  5. All washroom floors shall be homogenous vinyl flooring, unless otherwise approved by the University. Linoleum is to be coved 75-100 mm up the wall and sealed water tight around piping.
  6. All floor penetrations to be sealed such that no water can penetrate to the floor below.
  7. Around the urinals in the men‟s washrooms, use porcelain or ceramic tile 50X50 or 75X75 maximum. The ceramic tile on the floor shall be non-skid with epoxy grout.
  8. Walls shall be painted with an eggshell type paint, with low VOC‟s.
  9. All paint specifications shall be subject to the LEED standard as a minimum.

Schedules for Finishes

Schedules for Painting and Coating

All paint types shall be as specified in the following table:

Area Paint Type Acceptable Manufacturer
Wooden Doors Guardsman Ultraguard Conversion Varnish Varnish 3797-911350-505; Catalyst 3990-05005-505 Or Approved Equal
Metal Doors and Frames Waterborne Acrylix Primer and Finish Devoe Devflex Semi-Gloss 4216 HP Or Approved Equal
Textured Drywall Drywall Primer/Sealer Dulux 11000 Or Approved Equal
Drywall Primer/Sealer Interior Latex High Hide Sealer Glidden 36600 Or Approved Equal
Interior Walls (Drywall) ICI General Paint: Z-Coat Eggshell ICI: Life Master Eggshell Or Approved Equal
Q-Decking (Exposed Steel Ceiling) Waterborne Flat Spraymaster Pro Drywall Or Approved Equal
Gym Weight Room/Any Physical Activity Area Waterborne Acrylic Semi-Gloss Devoe Devflex 4216-00100 Or Approved Equal
Shower Rooms Devoe Tru-Glaze Waterborne Epoxy Product: 4406-00100 Catalyst: 4508-09999 Or Approved Equal
Concrete Floors to be painted Devoe Tru-Glaze Product: 4508 (Oil), 4508-00100 Catalyst: 4508-09999 Or Approved Equal
Mechanical Room Walls Devlex Waterborne 4216-00100 or Equal
Concrete Block ICI Block Filter 36250 Or Approval Equal