Capital Projects

Type of Project

Funding Strategy

1. Infrastructure and Maintenance Projects

  • Deferred maintenance projects that replace or renew building and/or site system components to maintain the integrity of the University facilities.
  • Normally funded through the Post Secondary Institutions Capital Grants Program or the maintenance projects budget
  • The funding covers the cost of materials and external forces required to perform the project
  • In special cases where external forces are not available or the expertise by University forces is required to perform the labor function, and the amount of labor required is significant(100 person hours or greater) for installation, then special approval can be obtained to recover internal labor costs from the project fund

2. Alteration/Renovation/Major Building Projects

  • Projects that renew, redesign or develop new space to accommodate a new or revised functional requirement of a department within the University.
  • These projects are normally contracted out to external contractors through the Capital Projects Office unless
    • The expertise is not readily available from external forces
    • It is more cost effective for the project to utilize certain functions in which internal expertise is available within the University
  • If a part of the project cannot be contracted out then the cost of casual staff or replacement funding for in-house expert staff to perform the function can be billed back to the project if the work performed is greater than 1/2 of a man day

    • Specialized trade work for installation
    • Moving of office furniture and packing and moving contents to a new building
    • Clearing rooms in preparation of renovations
    • Delivering equipment/furniture from staging area to new buildings or renovated are for Capital Project Department


  1. See Design & Construction Standards
  2. All materials used from Facilities resources can be billed back to the project at cost plus GST (2.31%). See Distribution of Goods.