Reporting an Incident

U of L Security Services

U of L Security Services is the first response team for all Accidents / Incidents on campus.

  • Security Officers write up Incident Reports for all situations they respond to as well as conduct any follow-up investigations that are deemed necessary.
  • Incidents are assigned 1 of 23 categories as outlined on the following pages.
  • The information on the Incident reports includes the following:
    • Incident Number
    • Type of Incident
    • Date / Time / Location of Incident
    • Date and Time Reported
    • Name / Address / Phone Number of Person Reporting Incident
    • Time Taken to Investigate
    • Officer(s) Investigating Incident
    • Details of Incident
    • Follow-up Required
    • Distribution of Report

Accident/Incident Investigation Overview

When an accident/incident occurs on the worksite, the Employee is responsible for reporting it immediately to their Supervisor. It is then the responsibility of the Supervisor to conduct an investigation with the help of the Employee.

The purpose of incident investigation is to determine direct and underlying causes, and implement immediate and long-term corrections in order to prevent re-occurrence.

See "How to Investigate"

Download IncidentAnalysisWorkSheet.pdf

Download IncidentInvestigationReport.pdf