Mouse Control

U of L is fortunate to be situated in a locale where wildlife often wanders. Deer, owls and foxes have been spotted around campus throughout the year. Unfortunately critters like mice also enjoy what our campus has to offer: warmth, shelter and food.

Mice typically migrate indoors in the spring and fall, and once inside, usually nest within 10 to 15 feet of a food supply.

The Caretaking Department looks after the control of mice in all campus buildings. Staff has been trained to deal with trapping of mice and the clean-up of infected areas.

If you see a mouse or evidence of mice in your area such as mouse droppings or food that has been nibbled on, remember the following:

  • Do not attempt to catch the mouse on your own.
  • Do not clean up mouse droppings or contaminated food.
  • Call Facilities Service Desk 403-329-2602, open Monday to Friday from 8 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.
  • After hours and/or on weekends, phone Security 403-329-2345 that will then contact Caretaking Services and respond as quickly as possible.



What you can do to assist in the control of mice in your area:

  • Do not leave doors leading to the outside of the building propped open at any time.
  • Keep all food in sealed plastic containers i.e. Milk, sugar, candy, lunch, packages of soup/oatmeal, or cookies etc.
  • Do not leave dirty dishes in sinks; wash and put away after each use.
  • Keep coffee and lunchroom areas clean at all times.
  • Do not keep unsealed food at your desk or in drawers. Mice can climb and squeeze into a hole the size of a standard pencil.

Your co-operation in helping to control mice inside our buildings is appreciated. If you require more information please contact Caretaking at 403-329-2060 or e-mail