APPA Cleaning Standards

The U of L Caretaking department follows industry cleaning standards laid out by the Association for Higher Education Facilities Officers (APPA). The standards are graded by a sliding scale from Level 1 to 5 where Level 1 is the highest standards of cleaning service and Level 5 is the lowest. Each level is defined by a range of tasks and their frequency. The cleaning levels are as follows: Level 1 Orderly Spotlessness, Level 2 Ordinary Tidiness, Level 3 Casual Inattention, Level 4 Moderate Dinginess, Level 5 Unkempt Neglect.

Using the APPA standards, Caretaking strives to provide quality service to our customers. Cleaning requests over and above the standard provided or at greater frequency can be arranged and are at the cost of the requesting department. These additional requests can be made through the Facilities Service Desk.