Galt Café - The University of Lethbridge; a pictorial history

Event Date:
Thursday, October 11, 2012 - 19:00 - 20:00

Galt Museum & Archives

The University of Lethbridge: a pictorial history; 45 years in 45 minutes features Michael Perry, University of Lethbridge Archivist.

More than 45 years ago, a forward-thinking group of citizens believed that southern Alberta merited its own university. No one involved in its inception could have predicted what the future University of Lethbridge would become.

Today, the U of L is respected around the globe and is now recognized as a research-intensive, comprehensive university with a focus on both undergraduate and graduate education.

Since our founding in 1967, the University of Lethbridge Archives has collected and preserved the official and unofficial history of the U of L in a wide range of formats. This presentation is an opportunity to share the many stories captured in videos and photographs, newsletters and newspapers, calendars and yearbooks, pamphlets and posters. The hope is to inform some and remind others, bringing everyone together to celebrate our shared achievements over the past 45 years.