Spring 2019

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Making Mindfulness Possible…Ashley Pasiciel

How can we, as educators, better understand the realities students face outside the classroom by implementing mindfulness and creating a positive learning environment?

I am very passionate about creating community within a classroom. I believe that as teachers, we need to be empathetic towards the various realties our students face outside the classroom setting. In order to achieve this, educators need to create an inclusive learning environment that makes all students feel comfortable. This can be achieved by introducing activities that instill community within a class, and by exploring topics such as mindfulness. As teachers, we need to take the time to get to know our students and build relationships with them. Because I joined my class mid-way through the year, I found it particularly important to attend to these considerations. As a result of my work in this area, I was able to build strong relationships with my class and helped create an inclusive community where students started establishing new friendships with each other. I discovered that the lessons I created to support my topic would be a great mini-unit to start a school year off with.

Ashley is a fifth year English Language Arts major with a passion for creating an inclusive classroom community. She believes that by using various children's stories as a learning tool and inclusive classroom activities, we can create a learning environment where all students feel included, welcome and safe.