Spring 2019

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The World in Your Classroom: A Google Earth Project…Dani Janzen

How can Google Earth become more accessible to teachers?

During my time at St. Michael's school I have been determined to find something that helps the teachers around me and continues to be helpful even after I leave. The school has slowly been transitioning into Google Chromebook computers with an emphasis on using Google-based products to enhance learning. It can be a large feat for many busy teachers to try and learn a new program. Knowing the exciting potential of Google Earth, I chose to dive deep into this application and create a website that each teacher from grades 1-6 can use within their classroom. I interviewed teachers and asked them, “if you could take your students anywhere in the world based on your curriculum, where would you take them?” The website is called “Schoogle” and it’s based on the needs of the teachers around me. Each grade has a tab that take students to many locations around the world. They can use each picture as a 360 image to look around and explore. In some areas they can explore inside museums, parliamentary buildings and churches. It's all laid out for teachers and students to use.

I am a 5th year General Humanities student who has been teaching in grade 5 at St. Michael's School, Medicine Hat.