Spring 2019

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Behavior Intervention in the Classroom…Jocelyn Martinez

What behavior intervention resources are available to teachers and how can they navigate the tiers of behavior support?

I chose to focus my PIP on behavior intervention after meeting and connecting with a district Behavior Specialist (Teresa Eveleigh). Through her mentorship and resources, in combination with my own reading list and online resource hunt, I built a website that amalgamates a variety of tangible and accessible resources, reading and theories that aim to support intern teachers, new teachers, and veteran teachers. The focus is on modern, useful strategies and methods for effectively, and empathetically, supporting students who require behavior intervention.

Jocelyn is completing her PSIII in Taber with the Holy Spirit School Division. Born and raised in Lethbridge, Jocelyn loves being an active member of her community and is eager to take on her new role as a teacher. She has enjoyed teaching both elementary and junior high in her practicums and looks forward to further exploring grade levels, schools and unique learning settings. Jocelyn loves bringing creativity, curiosity and inquiry into the classroom, as well as teaching students resiliency and tenacity. She will graduate in May 2019 with a specialization in Early Childhood Education.