Spring 2019

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English Language Learners and the power of "Yet"!...Adara Morrow and Elyse MastelĀ 

What are the benefits of a growth mindset, especially in elementary ELL students?

Our question stems from the uniqueness of our placement. As we are at a Low German Mennonite Alternative school, our students are all English Language Learners. We have noticed that the school has made strides towards creating strong reading and writing programs for its diverse student-base. We are interested in looking more deeply at how students experience the process of learning a new language, particularly in the face of any struggles or difficulties. By focusing on growth mindset in relation to ELL students, we hope to equip our students with the knowledge and skills to further develop their capacity to meet such challenges. Through learning about growth mindset in this context, our students will gain a broader understanding of the benefits of resilience and determination. We hope these important principles can then be more readily applied not only to their language acquisition but to all other aspects of their schooling and life.

Elyse Mastel is a fifth year English and Education major who has a passion for teaching in rural communities. Adara Morrow is a fifth year Modern Language and Education major who wants to explore the world of teaching English Language Learners. They are both teaching at Barons School which serves the LGM community and are very excited to share what they have learned with you!