Spring 2019

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The CIA: Why Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment Should be One in the Classroom…Brady Hornung

How can I blend Instruction and Assessment into one to create more engaging learning experiences while freeing up class time?

It is my belief that in order to better prepare our students for life outside of school, the distinct silos of instruction and assessment in the classroom need to be blended. “Out there” in the real world, we rarely have the opportunity to learn first, then “do”; most often we figure things out as we gain experience. In order to bring this idea into the classroom, I rely on a project-based learning approach where students learn content while creating a project, then share and celebrate their understandings with classmates. In combining instruction and assessment, we free up additional class time for more engaging, hands-on learning experiences that we otherwise might not experience.

Brady is a General Science major who centres his teaching around experiential learning. Student learning is much more effective when they are given opportunities to discover and explore concepts on their own. The more we can create these opportunities for our students, the more effective we can be.