Spring 2019

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Happy Vibes: An Extra-Curricular Program for Division 1

Katie Duval & Heidi Strom

How can the implementation of an extra-curricular program for division 1 help foster feelings of school inclusion for both students and parents?

Division 1 is a time in students' lives where building strong relationships is fundamental for social development and fostering feelings of inclusion within the school community. Unfortunately, we have found that students in division 1 can be overlooked when it comes to extra-curricular programs and overall school inclusion. Due to a lack of options for division 1, we decided to create an after-school program designed solely for Grades 1-3. We created Happy Vibes Tribe as a friendship club to help foster feelings of school community for both students and parents. All students should feel welcomed and included in a school's community, and not just during sanctioned school hours. Through the implementation of our program, students left feeling more positive toward other students and the school itself. We have received positive feedback from students, parents, and administration. Our presentation will be showcasing our session activities and our end results.

Katie and Heidi are both grade 6 intern teachers at Coalhurst Elementary School and will be graduating this spring.