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School Maps, Addresses, and Mileage

Click on the school to view a map and directions to that location. The mileage listed is for a round trip; from the University of Lethbridge to the location and back.

Lethbridge Schools 

School Map Directions School Address  Round Trip Kilometres 
Catholic Central High School4th Ave. & 18th St. S.13
Children of St. Martha School206 McMaster Blvd. W4
Chinook High School259 Brittania Blvd. W6
Ecole Agnes Davidson School20th St. & 22nd Ave. S.18
Ecole St. Mary's School5th Ave. & 19th St. S.13
Dr. Gerald B. Probe School120 Rocky Mountain Blvd. W.6
Father Leonard Van Tighem School25 Stoney Crescent W.4
Fleetwood-Bawden School9th Ave. & 12th St. S13
Galbraith School8th Ave. & 18th St. N.18
General Stewart School215 Corvette Crescent S16
Gilbert Paterson Middle School12th Ave. & 21st St. S.16
G.S. Lakie Middle School50 Blackfoot Road W.6
Lakeview School12th Ave. & 33rd St. S19
Lethbridge Collegiate Institute5th Ave. & 18th St. S.13
Mike Mountain Horse School155 Jerry Potts Blvd. W.6
Nicholas Sheran Community School380 Laval Blvd. W.2
Our Lady of Assumption School14th Ave. & 22 St. S.8
Park Meadows School50 Meadowlark Blvd. N21
Senator Buchanan School7th Ave. & 11th St. N.14
St. Francis Junior High School333 - 18th St. S.13
St. Patrick's Fine Arts School80 Rivergreen Road W.6
St. Paul's School10th Ave. & 12th St. B N.18
Victoria Park High School5th Ave. & 16th St. S.6
Westminster School5th Ave. & 18th St. N.18
Wilson Middle School9th Ave. & 20th St. N.18
Winston Churchill High School16th St. & 15th Ave. N.18


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