Other Committees

Elected Faculty Representatives

Committee Representative Years
Arts and Science Council Representative Lance Grigg 1
Fine Arts Council Representative Janice Rahn 2
Health Sciences Representative Kerry Bernes 2
Management Council Representative Pamela Adams 1

Elected GFC Representatives

Committee Representative Years
GFC Representatives Richelle Marynowski, John Poulsen
GFC Admission Standards Committee Amy von Heyking 2
GFC Library Committee Jane O'Dea, Greg Ogilvie (Alternate)
GFC Research Committee Amy von Heyking 1
Faculty (STP) Handbook Appeals Committee (Elected Reps) Dawn McBride, Carmen Mombourquette 2
University Strategic Planning Committee Noella Piquette 2

Other Elected Representatives

Committee Representative Years
Teaching Centre Advisory Council Len Sproule 2
Ingrid Speaker Medal Committee Leah Fowler 3
Distinquished Teaching Award Committee Dawn McBride 2
MA Programme Committee Kas Mazurek 1
MSc Program Committee Sharon Pelech 2
Human Subject Review Appeal Committee Elaine Greidanus 1

Appointed Representatives to University Committees

General Faculties Council Danny Balderson, Ed Wasiak
Graduate Studies Council Pam Adams, Erika Hasebe-Ludt, Lance Grigg
Technical Advising Committee (ITTAC) Scott Powell

Appointed Representatives to External Committees

Committee Representative Years
Alberta Education External Advisory Committee on Forecasting Work Requirements Craig Loewen
ATA Diversity, Education, and Human Rights Committee TBA
ATA Teacher Education and Certification Committee Ed Wasiak 1
ATA Teacher Qualifications Committee Nancy Grigg 1
ATA Teacher Salary Qualifications Board Ed Wasiak 1
ATA Membership Eligibility Board Nancy Grigg 1
ATA Membership Eligibility Committee Ed Wasiak 1
ATA Lethbridge Area Field Experiences Committe (LAFEC) TBA 1
ATA Cooperative Committee on Research in Teacher Education Darron Kelly 1
ATA Calgary Area Field Experiences Committee Ed Wasiak 1
Southern Alberta Professional Development Consortium Sharon Pelech 1
SWATCA Robin Bright 1