Other Committees

 Elected Faculty Representatives

 Committee Representative Years
Arts and Science Council Representative  Noella Piquette  1
Fine Arts Council Representative  Ed Wasiak  2
Health Sciences Representative  Jennifer Thannhauser  2
Management Council Representative  Shari Platt  1

Elected GFC Representatives

Committee  Representative Years
GFC Representatives  Kerry  Bernes, Cathy Campbell  
GFC Admission Standards Committee  Lorraine Beaudin  2
GFC Honoray Degrees Committee  Lance Grigg  2
GFC Library Committee  Erika Hasebe-Ludt  1
GFC Research Committee  Erika Hasebe-Ludt  2
GFC Special Needs Advisory Committee  Pamela Winsor  1
Faculty (STP) Handbook Appeals Committee (Elected Reps)  Nancy Grigg & Blythe Shepard (Alternative)  2
General Liberal Education Requirements Commitee  Robert Runte  1

Other Elected Representatives

Committee  Representative Years
CAETL Advisory Council  Lance Grigg  2
 Ingrid Speaker Medal Committee  Brian Titley  1

Appointed Representatives

Committee Representative Years
Achievement and Learning Resources Committee  Leah Fowler  
CREDO Committee, Research Services  Amy von Heyking  
Faculty (STP) Handbook Appeals Committee  Pamela Adams  
FNMI Support Group Committee  Cathy Campbell  
FNTP Steering Committee  Cathy Campbell  
General Faculties Council  Erika Hasebe-Ludt, George Bedard  
Graduate Studies Council  Keith Roscoe, Brian Titley, Amy von Heyking  
Human Subject Research Committee, Research Services  Danny Balderson  
Human Subject Review Appeal Committee, Research Services  Nancy Grigg  
Strategic Research Plan Committee  Richard Butt  
Technical Advising Committee (ITTAC)  Scott Powell  
ULFA Consultant for Personal Security Policy  Dawn McBride  
ULFA Gender, Equity, and Diversity Committee  Jennifer Thannhauser  
University SSHRC Committee, Research Services  Leah Fowler  




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