Technology Innovations Fund

Application Information

The Technology Innovations Fund is $10,000.00 that is accessed by faculty members seeking to undertake innovative projects utilizing technology. The nature of this fund is to place resources at the disposal of the Ed Tech committee for innovative projects. It is hoped that faculty will use this fund to finance projects that focus on the integration of technology in teaching and research. This fund is designated for software or hardware that will be explored by the Faculty members for research or instructional purposes. (e.g. human resources or conferences are not supported). Items that are of a less exploratory nature should be funded by the base-technology budget; the purpose of this fund is to test or investigate the effectiveness of various tools that might have potential but are not well known or established for the purposes we intend to pursue.

There is $10,000 set aside annually for this fund. Approximately $3,000 is distributed through a discretionary fund and approximately $7,000 is distributed through the competitive fund. A formal competition for larger applications is conducted twice annually (November 15 and April 15; that sets the amount to $3,500 to be dispersed for each formal competition; one in the Spring and one in the Fall.

Proposals less than $500

The fund is divided into a discretionary fund and a competitive fund. When smaller applications are presented (up to approximately $500), those will be adjudicated as they are received (sent out by e-mail to the committee). Monies for these smaller applications will be dispersed from the discretionary fund.

Proposals more than $500

A formal competition for larger applications will be conducted twice annually (November 15 and April 15). $3,500 will be dispersed for each competition; one in the Spring and one in the Fall. Individuals must submit a brief proposal to the chair of the Educational Technology committee by downloading and filling out the application form (see link below).

Deadlines: Nov. 15 or April 15

Total amount to be dispersed for each adjudication period: $3500

Submission: send completed proposal to chair of the Educational Technology committee

Applications more than $3500

In exceptional cases, the committee will adjudicate applications more than $3500. These proposals must be of value to a large number of Faculty members. There is a special application form for these larger applications

Click on the link below to download the proposal form:

General Deadlines:

  • anytime for applications less than $500.00
  • for applications greater than $500:
    • Nov 15
    • April 15

Reporting Requirements for Successful Applications

Successful applicants will be required to submit a brief written report to the committee one year after monies have been spent. The proposals and reports will be posted on the Educational Technology Committee web page and shared with Faculty. Successful applicants will be encouraged to participate in a Research Seminar that highlights projects from this fund (once every two years).

Note: If your proposal is successful, the Faculty can create POs for you (Check with Carol or Scott). Unspent funds revert back to the Faculty after 5 months.