Informal Seminars - Soupers

In the spirit of collaboration, support, and nurturing a vibrant research community, our faculty and graduate students meet regularly over lunch to share and discuss:

• current research projects
• innovative teaching practices within the Faculty of Education

At these events, a guest presenter, faculty member, or graduate student volunteers to lead a session that highlights some area of research or teaching. These sessions are open and informal and designed to stimulate discussion, inquiry, and collegiality.

Spring 2018

Dr. Jeffrey MacCormack
Becoming Word Detectives: Using Morphology and Etymology to Learn to Spell

Dr. Dawn Burleigh and Dr. Greg Ogilvie
The Super Souper on Supervision Practices

Jana Boschee, Dr. Cynthia Chambers, Dr. Dwayne Donald, Hali Heavy Shield, Dr. Erika Hasebe-Ludt, Darlene St. Georges
Spirit of Métissage: Attentive Curricular Offerings

Fall 2017

Dr. Hector MacIntyre
Faculty of Education Emerging Scholars: Insight Development Grant Overview

Dr. Lorraine Beaudin
Gamification and Digital Badges in Education

Dr. Marlo Steed
Practicum Research on Steroids

Spring 2017

Dr. Brian Titley
Indigenous Peoples in Canada: History, Structures, and Education

Dr Brian Titley
Little Nun Factories: Convent Aspirancies and Recruitment to American Catholic Sisterhoods, 1945-1965

Fall 2016

Dr. Dawn McBride
Using Discussion Forums: Making the Process Easier for the Professor

Spring 2015

Yayo Umetsubo, Faculty of Education Library Liaison
Using Summon 2.0 as a New Research Tool for Educators

Fall 2014

Dr. Marlo Steed
Beam me up Scotty: Technology, Education and Thinking

Spring 2014

Kurtis Hewson
The Value of Connectedness for Pre-Service Teachers

Spring 2013

Dr. Gladys Sterenberg, with Richelle Marynowski - January 14
Scholarly teaching in mathematics education

Dr. Dawn McBride and Dr. Alyson Worrall - February 4
Reducing student anxieties through assertiveness training workshops: Research outcomes

Dr. Jennifer Thannhauser and Dr. Carmen Mombourquette - February 25
Best practices in blended and online learning

Dr. Daniel Balderson - March 8
The growth and impact of sports academies in Western Canada

Dr. Richelle Marynowski - May 14
Moodle: Rubrics and assessment

Fall 2012

Sebastian Siwiec, Graudate Student, U of L - November 2 
'Qualtrics' survey software: Uses and application to research

Dr. Sharon Friesen, Associate Dean, Graduate Programs in Education, Director, Galileo Educational Network - November 29
Technology in high school success