Literature Fair 2012

Session Schedule and Map

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» Curriculum Laboratory Map (pdf)

Session Descriptions and Book Lists

Balderson, Danny: Physical Education Literature: Exploring the Opportunities (pdf)

Beres, Cory: Enriching Mathematics with Literature (pdf)

Bright, Amy: Teaching Contemporary Experimental Literature for Young Adults: A YA Author's Perspective (pdf)

Bright, Robin: Novel Guide: Choosing Good Books for Novel Studies in Grades 5-9 (pdf)

Chambers, Cynthia: Exploring the “I” in FNMI Literature (pdf)

Cormier, Beth: Graphic Novels in Your Classroom (pdf)

Fowler, Leah: More Than Wheat and Snow: New Canadian Realistic Fiction for Social Justice

Glaister, Bill & Holmes, Roxanne: Pop-up and Toy Books (With special focus on Science) (pdf)

Hasebe-Ludt, Erika: Dual and Mixed Language Books (pdf)

Little Mustache, Carolyn: Exploring FNMI (First Nations, Métis, and Inuit) Literature for Classrooms (pdf)

Pollard, Michael: Reading Aloud Never Grows Old: Sharing Stories and Poetry with Older Children (pdf)

Reilly, Patrick: Mentor Texts for Writing (pdf)

von Heyking, Amy: Literature and Historical Thinking in Social Studies (pdf)

Willms, Heather: Incorporating Art and Music Books in the Classroom (pdf)

Winsor, Pamela: Reading Aloud in Your K-3 Classroom (pdf)