Faculty Research

We encourage faculty members to explore, analyze, theorize, conceptualize and/or critique issues that have implications for education in any field – and in any manner – the members find compelling. Research activities include writing and editing books, publishing articles in scholarly, professional and popular journals/magazines, designing digital technologies relating to education, developing instructional materials, program creation and design, and creating alternative innovative approaches that illuminate and improve professional practice.  Our receptive, all-encompassing approach acknowledges creative activity as research: music composition, art exhibitions, writing in every genre (including fiction), video production, and all forms of artistic performance. Applying study results to learning situations is also research, as is the systematic study of what actually happens in classrooms. We recognize our own teaching, conference participation, and collaborative interaction with the professional community as meaningful forms of dissemination.  We assess the quality of our research through varied measures including its scholarly impact and potential for real-world application.

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