Faculty Research

Pam Adams

Action research and collaborative inquiry, teacher-preparation and inquiry-based professional learning
Leadership and system/school improvement
Tertiary instructional effectiveness and adult learning

Danny Balderson

Sports academies: The effects on students, school, and communities
Assessment and technology in physical education
Team cohesion/group dynamics in youth sports

Lorraine Beaudin

Emerging technology in education
Gender and technology
Online teaching and learning
Leadership and technology
Gaming in education

Kerry Bernes

Career development
Behavioural disorders
At-risk youth
The professional practice of psychology

Robin Bright

Writing across the grade levels
Children's and young adult literature in teaching
Teaching multi-literacies across the curriculum
Language and literacy in early childhood education
Bullying prevention, cyber-bullying, and digital citizenship

Dawn Burleigh

Aboriginal education
Teacher's work in First Nations communities
Narrative inquiry
Critical perspective of policy
Indigenous youth mental health

Richard Butt

Autobiographical inquiry and professional knowledge
Professional health and well-being
Program review and development
Policy analysis and development

Leah Fowler

Canadian literature in secondary school and English teacher education
Writing pedagogy and literacy education
Narrative/hermeneutic research in curriculum studies and classroom practice
Difficulty in teaching, teacher identity, and teacher development

Elaine Greidanus Technology and mental health
Using technology to reduce barriers in accessing health services in rural populations
Simulation-based approaches to interdisciplinary health team education
Lance Grigg

Critical thinking in social studies
Insight theory in education
Philosophy of education
Critical thinking in nursing education

Nancy Grigg

Inclusive education
Differentiated instruction
Undergraduate teacher preparation

Thelma Gunn

Research methods and design
Program evaluation
Pre-service teacher preparation

Erika Hasebe-Ludt Literacy, life-writing, and literary metissage in the digital and cultural commons
Canadian transnational curriculum theory and practice
Teaching and teacher education in the context of multiple literacies and arts-based inquiry
Community and university partnerships in literacy and curriculum studies
Craig Loewen Problem solving in the Mathematics classroom
Alternative approaches to Mathematics teaching
Teacher preparation and development
Richelle Marynowski Mathematics teaching and learning
Classroom and large-scale assessment
Examination design and development
Assessment practices in outreach schools
Chris Mattatall

Collaborative inquiry/solution generation in schools, particularly as it relates to students with learning difficulties
Social Network Theory & Analysis: Understanding how professional relationships in school enhanve learning/achievemen
Reading Instruction: Prevention and intervention approaches

Kas Mazurek Comparative education
Social, political, and economic factors shaping schooling
Mulit-culturalism and education
Dawn McBride Teaching online - creating cohesiveness and rich debate
Trauma - exploring what counsellors need to know
Ethics - studying consent and record keeping practices
Carmen Mombourquette Principal leadership that influences student achievement
School district leadership
First Nations school leadership
Toolkit to enact Alberta's school leadership competencies
Jane O'Dea Aesthetics and philosophy of music
Philosophy of technology
Ethics and diversity
Greg Ogilvie Social justice
Critical interculturality
Transformative education
Sharon Pelech Science education
Interpretive (hermeneutic) research
Curriculum theory and history
Noella Piquette Inclusion strategies for teachers
Gender-based gambling issues
Supporting early language and literacy development
Developmental disorders
John Poulsen Inclusive practices in drama education
Community involvement in fine arts
Fostering teacher professional development; metacognition attainment
Formatting Shakespearean plays into Reader's Theatre
Janice Rahn

Theorizing curriculum from:
-popular culture such as urban expressions, and comic/graphic novels
-the relationship of materials and ideas (including new media) in contemporary art practice

Current art practice:
-creating porcelain sculptures, drawings, and painting based on art historical themes such as the Rape of Europs and the grotesque in rococo couture

Making large audio/video, architectural, sculptural installations in collaboration with Michael Campbell

Blythe Shepard Rural life-career development and counselling
Counsellor mobility in Canada
Counsellor development, training, and supervision
Fetal alcohol spectrum disorder
David Slomp Social consequences of assessment practices
Development of writing ability
Literacy assessment
Marlo Steed New media design
Educational value in the Art of Creation
3D printing: implications for education
Amy von Heyking History of Canadian schooling
Children's historical thinking
Faith-based schooling
Ed Wasiak Book and web-based resources for instrumental music educators
Cross-cultural collaboration
Leadership and classroom management
Biomechanics of instrumental music
Historical research in music education
Artistic literacy
Pamela Winsor Early literacy development
Language experience approach to literacy among English language learners
Teacher education in developing countries
Global and multicultural literature for children in elementary schools