Faculty of Education Internal Grants

Research Extension Fund

Intent: To support current research projects being funded by external agencies which demonstrate and document the need for additional funding to meet unanticipated additional expenses necessary for the successful completion of the project

Eligibility: Available only to faculty members engaged in current projects being funded by an external agency or fund, upon demonstration of unanticipated research expenses related to the specifically funded project and application to the Research Committee through the Assistant Dean of Graduate Studies and Research in Education

Amount: Up to $5000, but not to exceed 50% of original external research grant (budget required)

Deadline: Not less than six months prior to the conclusion of the externally funded project

New Faculty Research Fund

Intent: To support and promote the development of a research agenda for new tenured or tenure-track faculty members

Eligibility: Available to new tenured or tenure-track faculty members, within the first two years of their appointment to the faculty, upon application to the Dean of Education

Amount: $ 5000

Deadline: Anytime within the first two years of appointment to faculty

Research Seed Funding

Intent: To provide support for the initial investigation of a research project and preparation for application to an external agency research grant

Eligibility: Available to full-time faculty members upon application to the Research Committee through the Assistant Dean of Graduate Studies and Research in Education, and contingent upon agreement to submit to the committee a report describing the seed-project outcomes and possible “next-steps” for application, revision, or abandonment

Amount: Up to $2000 (budget required)

Deadline: Jan. 15, Mar. 15, Sept 15, Nov. 15

Travel Top-Up Fund

Intent: To supplement (if necessary) travel funds received through the University of Lethbridge Travel Fund (Office of Research Services) to allow faculty to attend to present a paper or poster at an academic conference

Eligibility: Available only to faculty members presenting at (an) academic conference(s) who have qualified for and been allocated travel funding through ULTF; only within the same academic year as receipt of ULTF funding; and only as necessary to defray travel expenses to the designated conference(s)

Amount: Up to $1500 (receipts required)

Deadline: Following application to and acceptance by ULTF

Technology Innovations Fund

Refer to the Technology Innovations Fund for additional information.

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