Teacher Employment Opportunities

Graduates of the U of L Faculty of Education are highly sought after. This is due in part to our:

  • outstanding program
  • excellent faculty
  • high standards
  • expansive student teaching program

School districts and jurisdictions know that becoming a fine teacher is not just a requirement, but a result of what happens at the U of L Faculty of Education. That, quite simply, is why they hire our graduates.

We also have support in place to help our students connect with job opportunities. As part of this support, this online resource is updated regularly to help keep you in touch with current postings for teaching positions.

If you have questions or need some help, please contact Student Program Services by Email edu.sps@uleth.ca or Phone 403.329.2254.


Luther College HS, Regina SK (Feb. 13/15)


School Boards and employment agencies, on occasion, will come on campus to deliver presentations and/or conduct interviews.


This site has additional job link (doc) information.