Native Education Requirements

If You Already Have a Degree

If you wish to enter the Faculty of Education with a major in Native Education, you must possess a recognized degree which includes a major in Native Studies. In addition, all other prerequisites for admission must be met.

At the time of admission, the nature of the applicant's degree is examined, and a program is planned and approved by the Faculty of Education. If the approved degree contains the necessary components, including a completed teaching major, both certification and B. Ed. requirements may be met upon completion of 20 courses in Education.

See program overview for the After Degree Program

See the Bachelor of Education After Degree Program Planning Guide

Combined Degrees -- B.A. / B.Ed.

Native American Studies is multidisciplinary in nature. The NAS major offers courses from a Native perspective in History, Art, Law, Politics, Language, and Literature. You'll study the Native peoples of North America, their cultures their varied relationships with other Native and Non-Natives, and natives languages of Blackfoot and Cree. The NAS major was developed jointly by representatives of southern Alberta's Native communities and the University to provide you with an awareness and appreciation of cultural differences.

Students may meet the Native Education major requirements by completing the major in Native American Studies or the General Major in the Social Sciences (at least 5 courses in Native American Studies and 4 courses in each of two other disciplines in the Social Sciences).

See program overview for the Combined Degrees Program

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Note:  Combined Degrees students are encouraged to contact the Faculty of Arts and Science, Advising, for additional information pertaining to the B.A. portion of the program.

Special Admission Requirements

In order to be eligible for admission to the Faculty of Education, students with a Native Education major must have three courses completed of the seven courses required in a school subject minor.