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Adams, Pamela Social Studies, Adult and Higher Education, Professional Practice and Professional Development Action Research; Scholarship of Teaching; School Improvement; Learning Communities; Collaborative Inquiry; Teacher Education
Aitken, Art

Evaluation of Student Learning, Educational Leadership (School Culture and the Instructional Program, Understanding Professional Practice and Professional Development — Leadership Series, Managing the Organization, Collaborative Problem Solving, Leadership Internship)

Educational Leadership;
Student Assessment

Aitken, Nola

Teaching Seminar, Issues in Student Evaluation

Teaching in Higher Education; Mathematics Education; Multi-Graded Classrooms; Native Mathematics Education; Assessment
Balderson, Danny Physical Education, Curriculum and Instruction, Evaluation of Learning Social Development in Physical Education, Physical Education for Students with Disabilities, Assessment Practices, Technology and Physical Education
Beaudin, Lorraine Educational Technology Online Teaching and Learning; Web-Based Teaching; Curricular Integration of Technology; Leadership and Technology
Bedard, George

Teacher Development; 
Educational Leadership and Administration; 
Educational Research

Educational Leadership; Administration
Bernes, Kerry Educational Psychology and Counselling Psychology Career Development; Counsellor Training and Supervision; Behavior Disorders; The Professional Practice of Psychology; Partnerships in Mental Health; At-Risk Youth; Mental Health Issues in the Workplace
Bright, Robin Language Arts Education Emergent Literacy, Children's and Young Adult Literature 
Writing Processes, Beginning Reading and Writing, Gender Issues in Education, Teacher Education and Literacy, Parents/Family Literacy
Butt, Richard Teacher and Professional Development; Professional Heath and Wellbeing;
Stress and Burnout.
Teacher and Professional Development;
Professional Heath and Wellbeing;
Stress and Burnout;
Autobiography as research methodology and data;
Narrative Therapy.
Campbell, Cathy General Teacher Education, Professional Growth, Curriculum and Instruction Supervision, Teacher/Adult Development Teacher/Adult Development, Observing and Understanding Classrooms, Educational Administration, First Nations Education
Chambers, Cynthia

English/ Language Arts, Curriculum Studies, Writing Educational Research

Qualitative Research Methods (esp. hermeneutics and ethnography) and Life-writing including diaries, journals, auto(bio)graphy, memoir, narratives and creative documentary; Curriculum: Language and writing; Canadian literature Foundations: Northern and aboriginal education.
Fowler, Leah Teacher Education
-Secondary English: 
Language Arts
Methods and Theory;
Master’s Program
- Interpretive Inquiry;
- Curriculum Studies;
- Research Writing
Narrative Inquiry, 
Difficulty in Teaching, 
Teacher Development (especially of experienced teachers), 
Curriculum Studies and Classroom Practice, 
Canadian Literature, 
Grigg, Lance Social Studies Curriculum and Instruction, Language Arts Education, Educational Foundations Humanities-based Instruction, Critical Thinking and Critical Pedagogy, Critical Approaches to Leadership and Educational Administration, Philosophy of Education, Research Methods, Aboriginal Education
Grigg, Nancy Special/Inclusive Education, 
Differentiated Instruction
Educational Psychology
Inclusive education
Differentiated Instruction
Gunn, Thelma Educational Psychology, Evaluation Learning and Learning Processes, Gender and Culture, Motivation
Hasebe-Ludt, Erika Language and Literacy Education, Writing, English as a Second/Other Language, International and Multicultural Education, Curriculum Studies, Teacher Education Interpretive Inquiry (Narrative and Autobiographical Writing and Research) in Intercultural & Multicultural Literacies, Curriculum Theory and Practice, Teacher Research, Interdisciplinary Modes of Inquiry
Heffernan, Peter Modern Language Didactics, Curriculum and Instruction Second Language and Immersion Programs, Culture in Second Language Teaching, Bilingualism, Evaluation of Second Language Programs
Henry, Jim Counselling Psychology, Educational Psychology Creativity, Positive Psychology (the Scientific Study of Optimal Human Functioning), Relationship Counselling, Computer Technology, Online Teaching
Loewen, Craig Mathematics Education Mathematics Education
Mazurek, Kas Comparative Education; Issues in Education; Social Context of Schooling; Multicultural Education; Foundations of Modern Theory and Practice in Education Comparative Education; Social Contexts of Educational Ideas, Policies, and Practices; Issues in Education; Multiculturalism and Minority Group Relations; Logic of Inquiry in Education
McBride, Dawn Counselling/Clinical Theory and Issues; Practicum; Ethics; Group Therapy; Family Violence. Trauma (perpetrators and victims); Self-Harm; DSM Issues, Multiculturalism; Transactional Analysis; Creative/Body Therapies; E-Learning; Group/Program Development and Evaluation.
McConaghy, Gerald Career and Technology Studies Implementation and Assessment of Career and Technology Strands, Action Research Related to Teacher Development and Practice
O'Dea, Jane Educational Foundations (Philosophy) Aesthetic and Moral Education, Education of Musicians, Gender Issues, Philosophy and Pedagogy, Philosophy of Technology
Piquette, Noella Educational Psychology, Exceptional Learners, Special Education Assessments and IPPs, Special Education Practicum, Counselling: Diversity and Culture, Counselling: Research Practices Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder, Differentiated Learning Strategies, Special Education Assessments, Pre-service Teacher Knowledge of Exceptional Learners, Collaborative Learning Environments, Adolescent Development Trajectories, Women's Gambling Treatment Effectiveness
Poulsen, John Drama Education, Curriculum and Instruction, Evaluation Developmental Drama, Stage Performance Theory, Play Directing, Mask Creation and Performance, Therapeutic Uses of Drama with Children with Downs Syndrome, Theater for Young Audiences, Quantitative Research
Rahn, Janice Art Education, Curriculum and Instruction Ethnographic and action research in relation to youth culture, media, and education
Roscoe, Keith Science Education Curriculum Theory, Professional Development. Classroom Management, Assessment
Runte, Robert Sociology of Education, Social Issues, Evaluation of Student Learning, Research Methods Program Evaluation, Research Writing, Cyberculture
Popular Culture, (kid culture, avocational subcultures, cyberculture, Canadian Speculative Fiction), sociology of the professions, student oriented grading
Shepard, Blythe

Counselling Psychology, Qualitative Research, Child and Adolescent Counselling and Development, Career Counselling, School Counselling, Educational Psychology  

Career Development, Rural Communities (Youth and Women), Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder and Pregnancy, Counsellor Training and Supervision, Narrative Inquiry, Research Ethics

Steed, Marlo Communication Technologies in Education: Multimedia and Learning, Computers in the Classroom, Problem Solving with Computers, Internet and Education Multimedia, Visualization, Virtual Learning Environments, Internet, Technology as a Tool for the Mind, Problem Solving, Learning/Cognitive Psychology; Microanalysis of Learning (Research Methodology)
Tailfeathers, Johnel Native Education Blackfoot Culture of Southern Alberta and Northern Montana; Blackfoot Pedagogy and Epistemology
Titley, Brian Social Context of Schooling; History of Education; History of Childhood; Educational Theory Biographical Studies; History of Aboriginal Canadians; Politics of Contemporary Education and Higher Education; History of Religious Ideas and Institutions
Townsend, David Understanding Professional Practice and Professional Development; Inquiry-Based Leadership; Educational Leadership: National and Provincial Perspectives; Exploring the Learning Community; Social Studies Methods; Curriculum & Instruction. Educational Leadership; Action Research; University Teaching; Program Evaluation; School-Based Research & Development; Mentorship.
von Heyking, Amy Social Studies, Educational Foundations, Curriculum Studies Children’s Historical Thinking; History Teaching and Learning; History of Curriculum; History of Canadian Education
Wasiak, Ed Music Education Curriculum and Instruction Historical Research; Musical Performance; Cross-Cultural Connections through Curriculum; Classroom Management and Leadership
Winsor, Pamela Language Arts Education Beginning Reading and Writing, Learning Disabilities, Assessment and Evaluation of Professional Development, International Teacher Education and Related Literacy Development

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