Thesis Option

A thesis is theory oriented, and begins with the posing of a question that will in some way contribute to the building or validating of theory. Considerable depth is expected in the review of literature, the application of a disciplined and clearly described methodology for dealing with the research question, a thorough description of the results of the work (both descriptive and connotational), a synthesis of the research findings with extant literature, and implications of the research for both theory and practice.


Approval of Thesis Supervisor (doc)

Approval of Thesis Proposal (doc)

Readiness to Defend (pdf)

Recommendation of the Award of the Degree (pdf)

Guidelines and Reference:

Checklist for Submission of Culminating Activity Documents APA for 6th Edition (pdf) Formatting requirements noted in this document should be carefully followed.

Thesis Checklist (pdf) Provides a checklist of steps required in preparing for and completing the thesis.

Graduate Programs in Education Policies and Procedures Pay particular attention to the procedures for completing and submitting the thesis, as noted within the Policies and Procedures.

Chair of Thesis Oral Defence Responsibilities (pdf) Notes the procedures for conducting the thesis oral defence

E-Thesis Submission Instructions


Sample Title Page and Committee Members Page for Theses and Projects (doc)

Samples are available within OPUS. Students should be aware that a wide variety of topics are represented. Students should consult with their supervisors to find the most appropriate theses to peruse relative to their own area of research.