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Science Curriculum Correlation Chart (Recommended series for Elementary and Junior High Science)

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Childrens & Young Adult Literature Handouts:

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Tools For Finding And Using Children's And Young Adult Literature In the Classroom (And For Your Assignments!)

Our Favourite Children's and Young Adult Authors (Arranged by Genre)

Picture Books Every Educator Should Know About ("Bill Glaister's Bucket List Of Best Picture Books")

Picture Books For Older Readers

 Graphic Novels: Ideas and Resources for Developing Units

Graphic Novels K-5: Recommended List

Graphic Novels 6-12: Recommended List

  Best Read-Aloud Books And Browsing Collection: Grades EC to 1, Grades 2-3, Grades 4-5,Grades 6-8

Literature Integration in the Curriculum

Global/ Multicultural Books

Searching for Multicultural Library Materials for Students

Our Favourite Booklists (Library/Media Commons Presentation 2013)



Teaching Ideas Showcase (Children's Literature Across the Curriculum):

 Showcase Celebration:  An Overview Of The Teaching Ideas Showcase Activities and Web Pages

See also:  The Literature Databases on our Digitial Resources page and Our Literature Website (points you to awards, reviews, author information and eBooks, etc.)

Advantages of Using Children's Literature Across the Curriculum

The Evolution of Literature

Student-Teacher Produced Guides and Lesson Plans For Using Literature Across The Curriculum. Summaries of outstanding titles that advocate the use of literature in all subject areas, (including Alberta school textbook titles) and student-teacher produced lesson plans that incorporate children's literature.

Our Lesson Plans for Using Literature Across the Curriculum. These lessons are developed by Curriculum Laboratory staff, produced in cooperation with teachers, field-tested in classrooms, and presented at various teacher's professional development sessions:

  Art and Picture Books

  Great Canadian Picture Books Prediction Challenge (Grade 5 Social Studies)

            Great Canadian Picture Books Prediction Challenge Activity Booklet

            Great Canadian Picture Books Prediction Challenge Curriculum Correlation Chart

  The Science of the Circle:  Ants, Animal Classification, Life Cycles, Medicine Wheels, and the Environment

  Best Books And eBooks For Educators

  Optical Illusion Fun:  The Trilogy (In The Theme of "Three")

Graphic Organizers: Getting Students to Process What They Read At A Deeper Level

Stories In Stone, Travels In Time (A Geology Detective Hunt and Time Travel Adventure)

Never Write Poetry in Science Class! (Poetry Activity Centres Marathon for Grades 4 to 6)

Great Science Activity Books for Grades 1-9 Science

Building Things: Activity Centres for Grades 1 and 3 Science

The Case of the Missing Literary Devices - A Picture Book Detective Hunt and Creative Craft Collection

Ancient Greece Teaching Kits... Reviews by Grade Six Students

"Toy and Movable" Or "Pop-Up Books"...3 Cross Curricular Crafts

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