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Most of these sites require a username and password. Ask at the Curriculum Laboratory Information Services Desk to see if you are eligible for access or contact us.

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Literature Databases   eBook Databases   Career Resources

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Licensed for student teachers, teachers and grade K to 12 students, provides quality digital learning and teaching resources correlated to Alberta Education’s Kindergarten to Grade 12 programs of study,

NEW! Access to K-12 courses designed by ADLC

ADLC (Alberta Distance Learning Courses)

Entire courses are represented for teachers to use/adapt in a variety of learning situations. Includes A/V material, licensed content, learning activities, assessments etc. Schools normally pay a fee to access, but ADLC has given U of L FREE access in order to familiarize the educational community with its resources. If you have questions about navigating these materials, contact Beth Cormier, Curriculum Librarian For more information on ADLC’s services to schools, visit or contact Gary Frederickson in the Southern Alberta ADLC office (

To Access:  Passwords are available for current students and Faculty (on the Curriculum Lab Password List).


Digital Media Resources and Lessons:

  • CCC! Video On Demand --  Licensed for Faculty of Education students and staff, this site provides video, audio, maps, data, animations, and flash segments.  All media cilps can be played and downloaded in high definition in a variety of formats.  All titles have a teacher's guide, student activity, and interactive assessment components.  Our instructors have the option of creating and adding their own content to the system.
  • AccessLearning -- Licensed for Faculty of Education students and staff, this site provides access to 3,500 videos, and 40,000 video clips, correlated to the Alberta curriculum, with strong Canadian content.
  • Discovery Education Streaming Digital Multimedia Clips -- Licensed for all University students and staff, this site provides downloadable digital video clips for teaching across the curriculum. It includes tutorial clips for using this product in the classroom.
  • EduMedia Science-- Features more than 800 interactive simulations and videos to facilitate science learning. Resources are highly visual and truly interactive, suitable for projection on a screen (and especially on an interactive whiteboard!).  It is a multimedia scientific encyclopedia for libraries and the general public.

Lesson Plan Database

Sponsored by the Faculty of Education, this repository helps student teachers find and prepare lessons across subjects and grade levels. The collection includes digital versions of commercially produced lessons in all subjects, as well as student and instructor created materials. You can browse through the collection or search by categories (e.g. learning objectives, subject, title, keyword, grade, etc.). You can contribute to the collection by creating and submitting new lessons.

Literature Databases:

  • Online reading program including all types of printable reading materials and lessons, including assessments and reader's theatre scripts. Includes electronic/projectible books for use with Smarboards, and multilevel books (same book at 3 different reading levels. Student teacher access only-our license does not able you to set up a classroom of students.  Request access from license coordinator Online leveled reading library including audio books, comprehsnion activites etc. for elementary students. Student teacher access only-our license does not able you to set up a classroom of students. Request access from license coordinator

  • Aboriginal Collection – Recommended literature titles related to First Nations themes, tied to the Alberta curriculum in all subject areas. Each book in the Aboriginal Collection has been reviewed at least twice: once by an educator, and once by a member of the Aboriginal Community.
  • Bitstrips For Schools allows our student teachers and instructors to create their own cartoon strips. Sign up for the 30 day trial.
  • Picturing Books Database is a database dedicated to the art of the picture book.  It combines "data from dozens of print sources, thousands of picture books, and countless publisher, author, and illustrator websites." It is a good source when trying to discover the type of art in a picture book, or to find picture book titles of the same specific genre or artistic style. Its purpose is to "connect the user with the right picture book."

eBook Databases:

  • Best Books and eBooks For Educators -- Links you to our FollettShelf collection of eBooks. Follett eBooks are dynamic teaching tools that enhance learning in the classroom.   These titles are directly linked to the grade 1 to 3 Alberta curriculum in science, social studies, mathematics, and language arts (Best picture books). You can now search the Library Catalogue for these titles!! Simply do a keyword search for "Follett" + "subject". e.g. "Follett Peru"
    • Recommendation:  Read the eBooks "Online," and do not "Check Out Online."  This way, more student teachers or students have access to each title.
    • Your other option is to "Check Out Online," and the book will be automatically signed out to you for one week.  However, then it will not be available for other users for that week.
    • After you have signed into the guest account, you can access added features of each eBook, by setting up your own registration and login under Account in the upper right hand corner of the screen (Only shows up once you are viewing an actual eBook).  This gives you and your students access to such features as Notes, Bookmark, Text-To-Speech, Print Page, and Copy Selected Text.

      (See also: FollettShelf Quick Reference Guide.)

  • Tumblebooks  -- A collection of 300+ animated, talking picture books and 40+ chapter books (Including some French and Spanish titles). It also includes puzzles, games, and resources for teachers.  List of Tumblebooks titles.
  • Our eBooks website also points you to some free eBook resources.

Career Resources:

  • Career Cruising is used heavily in schools to help students plan their future. Assessment tools such as Career Matchmaker match students' skills to specific careers. The comprehensive site includes intuitive career exploration and interviews, education planning, engaging career portfolio development, and printable lesson plans, assignments and worksheets.
  • combines some career assessment tools with powerful academic matching tools.

Worksheet Libraries:

  • Classroom Zoom (Teacher Created Resources) -- Gives you access to thousands of lessons and activities totaling over 35,000 pages all from the books of Teacher Created Resources. In addition to the 35,000 pages of lessons there are several "create your own tools" software applications, including Math Wizard, Word Wizard, Crossword and Word Search generators and an outstanding multimedia collection.
  • Worksheet Library contains thousands of worksheets for grade K-8 students and teachers. For maximum access, please login to the site.
  • Enchanted Learning is a website aimed at mainly preschool to grade 3 teachers. For access to the banner-ad-free site and printer friendly pages, please follow the "Already a Member" link.


Other Sites:

  • Alberta Assessment Consortium (AAC) Web Site -- Licensed for Faculty of Education students and staff, this site contains an overview of research in the field of assessment, assessment glossary, guidelines for developing assessment materials, and a broad range of assessment materials that are directly tied to the Alberta curriculum. 
  • -- A powerful resource for Alberta students in all grades. Originally set up to help students prepare for their government achievement tests and diploma exams, it has now been expanded to offer online study resources in academic subject areas for everyone. We have a subscription to a limited number of logins, so please use it only for your direct work with students. You can print the exams for use within a single classroom, or display them on an interactive whiteboard through "live" delivery directly from the ExamBank web site. If you have never used ExamBank before and would simply like to try it out, access the Demo Test. The demo test is generated from a random selection of questions from all grade levels and subject areas, in one test.  Using the Demo Test does not impact our subscription quota.
  • Library Education Indexes and Databases -- Licensed for University students and staff, this site provides access to digital journals, magazines, and newspapers.
  • FNMI Collection -- The Faculty of Education sponsored the development of this First Nations Métis, and Inuit (FNMI) Curriculum Collection.  It is a collection of lessons and resources designed to help pre and inservice teachers incorporate FNMI content in their teaching across subjects and grade levels.  One can browse through the collection or search by categories (e.g. subject, title, key word, grade, etc.).  Student-teachers can add lessons to this database.

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