Current Presenters: Dec. 7, 2018 at 1 pm

Presenter List will be updated as submissions are received.


Assessment in Physical Education … Jayda Wynia

How can visual exemplars of PE assessment enhance student participation, understanding, and growth as learners?

Games Club to Increase Numeracy in Schools…Rachel Vanderkley

How can we incorporate more numeracy opportunities in schools while still making it fun and engaging for students?

Team bonding and collaboration for athletic success…Morgan Taylor

To what extent do team building activities impact high school athletics?

A collection of P.E. games to enhance skills and encourage positive participation …Breanne Newton

How can implementing the Games for Understanding Model change how we teach Physical Education?

Making Mindfulness Matter…Zoe Kawalilak and Tyrel McGonigal

How can weekly mindfulness exercises benefit students within our classrooms while also providing them with strategies that will be useful throughout school and beyond?



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