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Below is a course list for the Spring semester of 2014.

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CAAP 6607OLEquity and Diversity Issues in CounsellingNoella Piquette
CAAP 6619OLSpecialized Counselling PracticumDawn McBride
CAAP 6619OLASpecialized Counselling PracticumJim Henry
CAAP 6631OLCognitive and Affective Bases of BehaviourJody LeVos
CAAP 6699APortfolioBlythe Shepard
EDUC 2500AOrientation to TeachingRichard Butt
EDUC 2500A1Teaching Practicum (For A)Richard Butt
EDUC 2500A2Teaching Practicum (For A)Richard Butt
EDUC 2500BOrientation to TeachingKurtis Hewson
EDUC 2500B1Teaching Practicum (For B)Kurtis Hewson
EDUC 2500B2Teaching Practicum (For B)Kurtis Hewson
EDUC 2500COrientation to TeachingRobert Miller
EDUC 2500C1Teaching Practicum (For C)Robert Miller
EDUC 2500C2Teaching Practicum (For C)Robert Miller
EDUC 2500DOrientation to TeachingTom Wilson
EDUC 2500D1Teaching Practicum (For D)Tom Wilson
EDUC 2500D2Teaching Practicum (For D)Tom Wilson
EDUC 2500EOrientation to TeachingMary Anne Murphy
EDUC 2500E1Teaching Practicum (For E)Mary Anne Murphy
EDUC 2500E2Teaching Practicum (For E)Mary Anne Murphy
EDUC 3600XProfessional Semester II PracticumNancy Grigg
EDUC 3601A1C & I for Majors - ScienceKeith Roscoe
EDUC 3601A2C & I for Majors - Soc. St.Rick Homan
EDUC 3601A2C & I for Majors - Soc. St.Rick Homan
EDUC 3601B1C & I for Majors - MusicEdwin Wasiak
EDUC 3601B2C & I for Majors - Phys. Ed.Danny Balderson
EDUC 3601C2C & I for Majors - Lang. ArtsRobin Bright
EDUC 3601C2C & I for Majors - Lang. ArtsLeah Fowler
EDUC 3601C3C & I for Majors - Mod. Lang.Peter Heffernan
EDUC 3601D1C & I for Majors - CTSPaul Bohnert
EDUC 3601D1C & I for Majors - CTSPaul Bohnert
EDUC 3601D2C & I for Majors - Soc. St.Lance Grigg
EDUC 3601E1C & I for Majors - DramaJohn Poulsen
EDUC 3601E2C & I for Majors - ScienceAndy Tyslau
EDUC 3601F1C & I for Majors - ArtJanice Rahn
EDUC 3601F2C & I for Majors - MathAlyson Worrall
EDUC 3602AThe Educational Psychology of Exceptional LearnersNancy Grigg
EDUC 3602BThe Educational Psychology of Exceptional LearnersSusan Bengry
EDUC 3602CThe Educational Psychology of Exceptional LearnersNoella Piquette
EDUC 3602DThe Educational Psychology of Exceptional LearnersSusan Bengry
EDUC 3602EThe Educational Psychology of Exceptional LearnersCory Beres
EDUC 3602FThe Educational Psychology of Exceptional LearnersMarian Biggins
EDUC 3603ASocial Context of SchoolingRobert Runte
EDUC 3603BSocial Context of SchoolingJane O'Dea
EDUC 3603CSocial Context of SchoolingJane O'Dea
EDUC 3603DSocial Context of SchoolingLance Grigg
EDUC 3603ESocial Context of SchoolingJane O'Dea
EDUC 3603FSocial Context of SchoolingKas Mazurek
EDUC 3604AEvaluation of Student LearningKurtis Hewson
EDUC 3604BEvaluation of Student LearningPaolina Seitz
EDUC 3604CEvaluation of Student LearningPaolina Seitz
EDUC 3604DEvaluation of Student LearningKurtis Hewson
EDUC 3604EEvaluation of Student LearningRichelle Marynowski
EDUC 3604FEvaluation of Student LearningRichelle Marynowski
EDUC 3700AC & I for Non-Majors - Social StudiesCraig Findlay
EDUC 4265AChildren's & Young Adult Literature in the ClassroomLeah Fowler
EDUC 4272ATeaching English as a Second LanguageErika Hasebe-Ludt
EDUC 4310AComparative Studies of Education in Developed and Third World NationsKas Mazurek
EDUC 4321ASocial Issues in EducationDarron Kelly
EDUC 4520XSpecialized Practicum: Partnerships with ProfessorsPamela Adams
EDUC 4571AElementary Education InternshipPamela Adams
EDUC 4571BElementary Education InternshipGeorge Bedard
EDUC 4571CElementary Education InternshipKerry Bernes
EDUC 4571DElementary Education InternshipDonna MacKay
EDUC 4571EElementary Education InternshipErika Hasebe-Ludt
EDUC 4571FElementary Education InternshipPeter Heffernan
EDUC 4571GElementary Education InternshipDavid Townsend
EDUC 4571HElementary Education InternshipPamela Winsor
EDUC 4572ASecondary Education InternshipPamela Adams
EDUC 4572BSecondary Education InternshipErika Hasebe-Ludt
EDUC 4572CSecondary Education InternshipPeter Heffernan
EDUC 4573ASpecial Focus Internship: Early Childhood EducationPamela Adams
EDUC 4573BSpecial Focus Internship: Career EducationKerry Bernes
EDUC 4573CSpecial Focus Internship: Special/InclusiveDonna MacKay
EDUC 4573DSpecial Focus Internship: Technology in EducationDavid Townsend
EDUC 4573ESpecial Focus Internship: Technology in EducationPamela Winsor
EDUC 4573FSpecial Focus Internship: Native EducationPeter Heffernan
EDUC 4574AFine Arts Internship in Art or Dramatic ArtsJanice Rahn
EDUC 4735ALiteracy and Learning in Early Childhood EducationRobin Bright
EDUC 4764OLThe Internet and EducationLorraine Beaudin
EDUC 4767OLWeb-Based TeachingMonti Tanner
EDUC 5200OLCurriculum Studies and Classroom PracticeLeah Fowler
EDUC 5210OLCurriculum Studies in Cosmopolitan ClassroomsErika Hasebe-Ludt
EDUC 5300OLThe Foundations of Modern Educational Theory and PracticeGeorge Bedard
EDUC 5500OLUnderstanding Professional Practice and Professional DevelopmentCarmen Mombourquette
EDUC 5621ACounselling Psychology: Ethics and Professional PracticeDawn McBride
EDUC 5623ACounselling Psychology: Learning ProcessesThelma Gunn
EDUC 5634OLCollaborative Problem SolvingCarmen Mombourquette
EDUC 5706ACounselling Psychology: InterventionsJim Henry
EDUC 5707ACounselling Psychology: AssessmentStanley Ross
EDUC 5709XCounselling Psychology: Practicum IGary Tzu
EDUC 5709XACounselling Psychology: Practicum IPhil Jones
EDUC 6006XM.Ed. CapstoneRichard Butt
EDUC 6006XAM.Ed. CapstoneLance Grigg

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