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EDUC 2500APracticum I - Orientation to TeachingDonna Dalby
EDUC 2500A1Teaching Practicum (For A)Donna Dalby
EDUC 2500A2Teaching Practicum (For A)Donna Dalby
EDUC 2500BPracticum I - Orientation to TeachingRoger Harty
EDUC 2500B1Teaching Practicum (For B)Roger Harty
EDUC 2500B2Teaching Practicum (For B)Roger Harty
EDUC 2500CPracticum I - Orientation to TeachingRhona Harkness
EDUC 2500C1Teaching Practicum (For C)Rhona Harkness
EDUC 2500C2Teaching Practicum (For C)Rhona Harkness
EDUC 2500DPracticum I - Orientation to TeachingRobert Miller
EDUC 2500D1Teaching Practicum (For D)Robert Miller
EDUC 2500D2Teaching Practicum (For D)Robert Miller
EDUC 2500NPracticum I - Orientation to TeachingRichard Butt
EDUC 2500N1Teaching Practicum (For N)Richard Butt
EDUC 2500N2Teaching Practicum (For N)Richard Butt
EDUC 3500XProfessional Semester I PracticumChris Mattatall
EDUC 3501ABCurriculum and InstructionLeonard Sproule
EDUC 3501CDCurriculum and InstructionAaron Stout
EDUC 3501ECurriculum and InstructionDawn Burleigh
EDUC 3501FGCurriculum and InstructionDanny Balderson
EDUC 3501HICurriculum and InstructionJosh Markle
EDUC 3501JKCurriculum and InstructionGregory Ogilvie
EDUC 3501LMCurriculum and InstructionDarlene St. Georges
EDUC 3502ABEducational PsychologyLaurie Hawkins
EDUC 3502CDEducational PsychologyLaurie Hawkins
EDUC 3502EEducational PsychologyNoella Piquette
EDUC 3502FGEducational PsychologyJeffrey MacCormack
EDUC 3502HIEducational PsychologyJeffrey MacCormack
EDUC 3502JKEducational PsychologyRiley Kostek
EDUC 3502LMEducational PsychologyRiley Kostek
EDUC 3503ABLanguage in EducationRobert LeBlanc
EDUC 3503CDLanguage in EducationJenna Lowe
EDUC 3503ELanguage in EducationErika Hasebe-Ludt
EDUC 3503FGLanguage in EducationErika Hasebe-Ludt
EDUC 3503HILanguage in EducationJana Boschee
EDUC 3503JKLanguage in EducationRhona Harkness
EDUC 3503LMLanguage in EducationRobert LeBlanc
EDUC 3504ABEvaluation of LearningDoug Checkley
EDUC 3504CDEvaluation of LearningDoug Checkley
EDUC 3504EEvaluation of LearningDavid Slomp
EDUC 3504FGEvaluation of LearningKeith Griffioen
EDUC 3504HIEvaluation of LearningJenna Lowe
EDUC 3504JKEvaluation of LearningKeith Griffioen
EDUC 3504LMEvaluation of LearningDavid Slomp
EDUC 3505ATeaching SeminarLeonard Sproule
EDUC 3505BTeaching SeminarSharon Pelech
EDUC 3505CTeaching SeminarJenna Lowe
EDUC 3505DTeaching SeminarJohn Poulsen
EDUC 3505ETeaching SeminarDon Shade
EDUC 3505FTeaching SeminarLucy Johnson
EDUC 3505GTeaching SeminarCarol Young
EDUC 3505HTeaching SeminarDeborah Yawney
EDUC 3505ITeaching SeminarJosh Markle
EDUC 3505JTeaching SeminarDeborah Yawney
EDUC 3505KTeaching SeminarGregory Ogilvie
EDUC 3505LTeaching SeminarDavid Slomp
EDUC 3505MTeaching SeminarArlene Purcell
EDUC 3508ACommunications Technology and EducationKen Heidebrecht
EDUC 3508BCommunications Technology and EducationKen Heidebrecht
EDUC 3508CCommunications Technology and EducationMarlo Steed
EDUC 3508DCommunications Technology and EducationMarlo Steed
EDUC 3508ECommunications Technology and EducationMarlo Steed
EDUC 3508FGCommunications Technology and EducationLorraine Beaudin
EDUC 3508HCommunications Technology and EducationKen Heidebrecht
EDUC 3508ICommunications Technology and EducationKen Heidebrecht
EDUC 3508JCommunications Technology and EducationLeonard Sproule
EDUC 3508KCommunications Technology and EducationLeonard Sproule
EDUC 3508LMCommunications Technology and EducationLorraine Beaudin
EDUC 3700ACurriculum and Instruction for Non-Majors - Physical EducationDanny Balderson
EDUC 3700BCurriculum and Instruction for Non-Majors - ScienceSharon Pelech
EDUC 3700CCurriculum and Instruction for Non-Majors: Social StudiesAaron Stout
EDUC 3871NElementary Music ClassroomDonna Dalby
EDUC 3871NElementary Music ClassroomKathy Matkin
EDUC 4260NEnglish Language Arts in the Elementary SchoolJana Boschee
EDUC 4361AHistory of Canadian EducationAmy von Heyking
EDUC 4391AThinking in Education: Critical Issues and ApproachesLance Grigg
EDUC 4571AElementary Education InternshipDonna Crawford
EDUC 4571BElementary Education InternshipDebra Ireland
EDUC 4571CElementary Education InternshipLucy Johnson
EDUC 4571DElementary Education InternshipKathy Matkin
EDUC 4571EElementary Education InternshipJohn Poulsen
EDUC 4571FElementary Education InternshipSusan Price
EDUC 4571GElementary Education InternshipWayne Tate
EDUC 4572ASecondary Education InternshipDanny Balderson
EDUC 4572BSecondary Education InternshipDonna Crawford
EDUC 4572CSecondary Education InternshipJocelyn Dimm
EDUC 4572DSecondary Education InternshipDavid George
EDUC 4572ESecondary Education InternshipCarole Goodreau
EDUC 4572FSecondary Education InternshipRick Homan
EDUC 4572GSecondary Education InternshipDebra Ireland
EDUC 4572HSecondary Education InternshipLucy Johnson
EDUC 4572ISecondary Education InternshipJosh Markle
EDUC 4572JSecondary Education InternshipKathy Matkin
EDUC 4572KSecondary Education InternshipJohn Poulsen
EDUC 4572LSecondary Education InternshipSusan Price
EDUC 4572MSecondary Education InternshipDarlene St. Georges
EDUC 4572NSecondary Education InternshipWayne Tate
EDUC 4572OSecondary Education InternshipDarryl Weir
EDUC 4572PSecondary Education InternshipAllan Wilson
EDUC 4572QSecondary Education InternshipRocky Wilson
EDUC 4572RSecondary Education InternshipDeborah Yawney
EDUC 4576ANative Education Internship (Fall)Darryl Weir
EDUC 4576BNative Education Internship (Fall)Deborah Yawney
EDUC 4578AEarly Childhood Education InternshipDavid George
EDUC 4578BEarly Childhood Education InternshipCarole Goodreau
EDUC 4578CEarly Childhood Education InternshipDebra Ireland
EDUC 4578DEarly Childhood Education InternshipLucy Johnson
EDUC 4578EEarly Childhood Education InternshipDarlene St. Georges
EDUC 4578FEarly Childhood Education InternshipWayne Tate
EDUC 4583ATechnology in Education InternshipRocky Wilson
EDUC 4702OLIndividualizing Instruction in the Regular ClassroomKelly Huck
EDUC 4709AIssues in Special Education: Behaviour DisordersNoella Piquette
EDUC 4769OLGaming and Gamification in EducationLorraine Beaudin