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Below is a course list for the Spring semester of 2015.

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CAAP 6607OLCounselling Diverse ClientsNoella Piquette
CAAP 6619OLSpecialized Counselling PracticumDawn McBride
CAAP 6619OLASpecialized Counselling PracticumDawn McBride
CAAP 6631OLCognitive and Affective Bases of BehaviourRobert Cey
CAAP 6699DPortfolioBlythe Shepard
EDUC 2500AOrientation to TeachingBrent Gammie
EDUC 2500A1Teaching Practicum (For A)Brent Gammie
EDUC 2500A2Teaching Practicum (For A)Brent Gammie
EDUC 2500BOrientation to TeachingElizabeth Cormier
EDUC 2500B1Teaching Practicum (For B)Elizabeth Cormier
EDUC 2500B2Teaching Practicum (For B)Elizabeth Cormier
EDUC 2500COrientation to TeachingCraig Findlay
EDUC 2500C1Teaching Practicum (For C)Craig Findlay
EDUC 2500C2Teaching Practicum (For C)Craig Findlay
EDUC 3600XProfessional Semester II PracticumNancy Grigg
EDUC 3601AC & I for Majors - Lang. ArtsRobin Bright
EDUC 3601AC & I for Majors - Lang. ArtsLeah Fowler
EDUC 3601B1C & I for Majors - Soc. St.Lance Grigg
EDUC 3601B2C & I for Majors - Soc. St.Amy von Heyking
EDUC 3601C1C & I for Majors - ScienceSharon Pelech
EDUC 3601C2C & I for Majors - Native Ed.Dawn Burleigh
EDUC 3601DC & I for Majors - MathRichelle Marynowski
EDUC 3601E1C & I for Majors - CTSLeonard Sproule
EDUC 3601E2C & I for Majors - SciencePaul Bohnert
EDUC 3601E3C & I for Majors - Mod. Lang.Brenda Stendebach
EDUC 3601F1C & I for Majors - ArtJanice Rahn
EDUC 3601F2C & I for Majors - DramaJohn Poulsen
EDUC 3601G1C & I for Majors - MusicEdwin Wasiak
EDUC 3601G2C & I for Majors - Phys. Ed.Brent Gammie
EDUC 3602AThe Educational Psychology of Exceptional LearnersSusan Bengry
EDUC 3602BThe Educational Psychology of Exceptional LearnersSusan Bengry
EDUC 3602CThe Educational Psychology of Exceptional LearnersNoella Piquette
EDUC 3602DThe Educational Psychology of Exceptional LearnersMarian Biggins
EDUC 3602EThe Educational Psychology of Exceptional LearnersCory Beres
EDUC 3602FThe Educational Psychology of Exceptional LearnersJen LeGrandeur
EDUC 3602GThe Educational Psychology of Exceptional LearnersMarian Biggins
EDUC 3603ASocial Context of SchoolingDarron Kelly
EDUC 3603BSocial Context of SchoolingLance Grigg
EDUC 3603CSocial Context of SchoolingRobert Runte
EDUC 3603DSocial Context of SchoolingDarron Kelly
EDUC 3603ESocial Context of SchoolingGregory Ogilvie
EDUC 3603FSocial Context of SchoolingJane O'Dea
EDUC 3603GSocial Context of SchoolingJane O'Dea
EDUC 3604AEvaluation of Student LearningKurtis Hewson
EDUC 3604BEvaluation of Student LearningCraig Findlay
EDUC 3604CEvaluation of Student LearningCraig Findlay
EDUC 3604DEvaluation of Student LearningRichelle Marynowski
EDUC 3604EEvaluation of Student LearningKurtis Hewson
EDUC 3604FEvaluation of Student LearningJen LeGrandeur
EDUC 3604GEvaluation of Student LearningKurtis Hewson
EDUC 3700AC & I for Non-Majors - Language ArtsLeah Fowler
EDUC 3700BC & I for Non-Majors - Social StudiesAmy von Heyking
EDUC 4272ATeaching English as a Second LanguageErika Hasebe-Ludt
EDUC 4310AComparative Studies of Education in Developed and Third World NationsKas Mazurek
EDUC 4341AFoundations of Multicultural Education in CanadaKas Mazurek
EDUC 4571AElementary Education InternshipDebra Ireland
EDUC 4571BElementary Education InternshipDonna MacKay
EDUC 4571CElementary Education InternshipErika Hasebe-Ludt
EDUC 4571DElementary Education InternshipGeorge Bedard
EDUC 4571EElementary Education InternshipMarlo Steed
EDUC 4571FElementary Education InternshipPamela Adams
EDUC 4572ASecondary Education InternshipDebra Ireland
EDUC 4573ASpecial Focus Internship: Special/InclusiveDonna MacKay
EDUC 4573BSpecial Focus Internship: Native EducationErika Hasebe-Ludt
EDUC 4573CSpecial Focus Internship: International EducationMarlo Steed
EDUC 4573DSpecial Focus Internship: Technology in EducationMarlo Steed
EDUC 4729AIssues in Native EducationDawn Burleigh
EDUC 4735NLiteracy and Learning in Early Childhood EducationPamela Winsor
EDUC 4762OLProblem Solving with Communication TechnologiesKen Heidebrecht
EDUC 4765ANew Media and LearningMarlo Steed
EDUC 5200OLCurriculum Studies and Classroom PracticeLeah Fowler
EDUC 5300OLThe Foundations of Modern Educational Theory and PracticeGeorge Bedard
EDUC 5400OLThe Nature of Educational ResearchGeorge Bedard
EDUC 5621ACounselling Psychology: Ethics and Professional PracticePhil Jones
EDUC 5634OLCollaborative Problem SolvingCarmen Mombourquette
EDUC 5706ACounselling Psychology: InterventionsMarcia Rich
EDUC 5707ACounselling Psychology: AssessmentJames Sanders
EDUC 5711XCounselling Psychology: Practicum IIRobert Cey
EDUC 5711XACounselling Psychology: Practicum IIElaine Greidanus
EDUC 5850OLCurriculum and Assessment for the 21st Century LearnerRobin Bright
EDUC 5850OLAAssessment of Children and Adolescents with ExceptionalitiesJanice Sutherland
EDUC 5850OLAAssessment of Children and Adolescents with ExceptionalitiesShaun Metz
EDUC 5990AHistorical ThinkingAmy von Heyking
EDUC 6006XM.Ed. CapstoneErika Hasebe-Ludt
EDUC 6020XACounselling Psychology: CapstoneBlythe Shepard
EDUC 6020XBCounselling Psychology: CapstoneTrent Leighton

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