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Below is a course list for the Fall semester of 2015.

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CAAP 6601OLTheories of Counselling and their Application to Client ChangeEaster Yassa
CAAP 6611OLGeneral Counselling PracticumDawn McBride
CAAP 6611OLAGeneral Counselling PracticumDawn McBride
CAAP 6617OLResearch and Program Evaluation SkillsNoella Piquette
EDUC 2500AOrientation to TeachingLeonard Sproule
EDUC 2500A1Teaching Practicum (For A)Leonard Sproule
EDUC 2500A2Teaching Practicum (For A)Leonard Sproule
EDUC 2500BOrientation to TeachingLeonard Sproule
EDUC 2500B1Teaching Practicum (For B)Leonard Sproule
EDUC 2500B2Teaching Practicum (For B)Leonard Sproule
EDUC 2500COrientation to TeachingLeonard Sproule
EDUC 2500C1Teaching Practicum (For C)Leonard Sproule
EDUC 2500C2Teaching Practicum (For C)Leonard Sproule
EDUC 2500DOrientation to TeachingLeonard Sproule
EDUC 2500D1Teaching Practicum (For D)Leonard Sproule
EDUC 2500D2Teaching Practicum (For D)Leonard Sproule
EDUC 2500NOrientation to TeachingLeonard Sproule
EDUC 2500N1Teaching Practicum (For N)Leonard Sproule
EDUC 2500N2Teaching Practicum (For N)Leonard Sproule
EDUC 3501ABCCurriculum and InstructionDanny Balderson
EDUC 3501DEFCurriculum and InstructionSharon Pelech
EDUC 3501GHICurriculum and InstructionLeonard Sproule
EDUC 3501JKLCurriculum and InstructionGregory Ogilvie
EDUC 3501MNOCurriculum and InstructionJohn Poulsen
EDUC 3501PQRCurriculum and InstructionDawn Burleigh
EDUC 3502ABCEducational PsychologySusan Bengry
EDUC 3502DEFEducational PsychologyNoella Piquette
EDUC 3502GHIEducational PsychologyCory Beres
EDUC 3502JKLEducational PsychologyChris Mattatall
EDUC 3502MNOEducational PsychologySusan Bengry
EDUC 3502PQREducational PsychologyMarian Biggins
EDUC 3503ABCLanguage in EducationPamela Winsor
EDUC 3503DEFLanguage in EducationErika Hasebe-Ludt
EDUC 3503GHILanguage in EducationRobin Bright
EDUC 3503JKLLanguage in EducationPamela Winsor
EDUC 3503MNOLanguage in EducationErika Hasebe-Ludt
EDUC 3503PQRLanguage in EducationRobin Bright
EDUC 3504ABCEvaluation of LearningLisa Prawdzik
EDUC 3504DEFEvaluation of LearningJen LeGrandeur
EDUC 3504GHIEvaluation of LearningDoug Orr
EDUC 3504JKLEvaluation of LearningDavid Slomp
EDUC 3504MNOEvaluation of LearningLisa Prawdzik
EDUC 3504PQREvaluation of LearningJen LeGrandeur
EDUC 3505ATeaching SeminarMary Anne Murphy
EDUC 3505BTeaching SeminarPatrick Glashan
EDUC 3505CTeaching SeminarLisa Prawdzik
EDUC 3505DTeaching SeminarSharon Pelech
EDUC 3505ETeaching SeminarErika Hasebe-Ludt
EDUC 3505FTeaching SeminarBrenda Stendebach
EDUC 3505GTeaching SeminarCorey Makoloski
EDUC 3505HTeaching SeminarJanice Sheets
EDUC 3505ITeaching SeminarRhona Harkness
EDUC 3505JTeaching SeminarRobert Miller
EDUC 3505KTeaching SeminarDavid Slomp
EDUC 3505LTeaching SeminarGregory Ogilvie
EDUC 3505MTeaching SeminarBrenda Stendebach
EDUC 3505NTeaching SeminarErika Hasebe-Ludt
EDUC 3505OTeaching SeminarCorey Makoloski
EDUC 3505PTeaching SeminarRobin Bright
EDUC 3505QTeaching SeminarArlene Purcell
EDUC 3505RTeaching SeminarCarol Young
EDUC 3508ABCCommunications Technology and EducationKen Heidebrecht
EDUC 3508DEFCommunications Technology and EducationKen Heidebrecht
EDUC 3508GHICommunications Technology and EducationLeonard Sproule
EDUC 3508JKLCommunications Technology and EducationRocky Wilson
EDUC 3508MNOCommunications Technology and EducationMarlo Steed
EDUC 3508PQRCommunications Technology and EducationMarlo Steed
EDUC 3700AC & I for Non-Majors - Physical Ed.Danny Balderson
EDUC 3700BC & I for Non-Majors - ScienceSharon Pelech
EDUC 3700NC & I for Non-Majors - MathematicsArlene Driscoll
EDUC 38761Educ 3876 Lab 1Airdrie Robinson
EDUC 38761Educ 3876 Lab 1Karen Christie
EDUC 3876AWoodwind and String MethodsAirdrie Robinson
EDUC 3876AWoodwind and String MethodsKaren Christie
EDUC 38771Educ 3877 Lab 1Donna Dalby
EDUC 38771Educ 3877 Lab 1Megan Peeke-Vout
EDUC 3877NVocal and Classroom Instruments MethodsDonna Dalby
EDUC 3877NVocal and Classroom Instruments MethodsMegan Peeke-Vout
EDUC 4260NEnglish Language Arts in the Elementary SchoolPamela Winsor
EDUC 4321ASocial Issues in EducationDarron Kelly
EDUC 4391AThinking in Education: Critical Issues and ApproachesLance Grigg
EDUC 4571AElementary Education InternshipCory Beres
EDUC 4571BElementary Education InternshipDebra Ireland
EDUC 4571CElementary Education InternshipCarmen Mombourquette
EDUC 4571DElementary Education InternshipLeonard Sproule
EDUC 4571EElementary Education InternshipDarryl Weir
EDUC 4572ASecondary Education InternshipPamela Adams
EDUC 4572BSecondary Education InternshipTerry Kerkhoff
EDUC 4572CSecondary Education InternshipCory Beres
EDUC 4572DSecondary Education InternshipRick Homan
EDUC 4572ESecondary Education InternshipDebra Ireland
EDUC 4572FSecondary Education InternshipDarron Kelly
EDUC 4572GSecondary Education InternshipCarmen Mombourquette
EDUC 4572HSecondary Education InternshipGregory Ogilvie
EDUC 4572ISecondary Education InternshipJohn Poulsen
EDUC 4572JSecondary Education InternshipLen Robinson
EDUC 4572KSecondary Education InternshipLeonard Sproule
EDUC 4572LSecondary Education InternshipDarryl Weir
EDUC 4572MSecondary Education InternshipKaren Cunningham
EDUC 4572NSecondary Education InternshipEdwin Wasiak
EDUC 4573ASpecial Focus Intern: Early ChCory Beres
EDUC 4573BSpecial Focus Intern.: NativeDawn Burleigh
EDUC 4573CSpecial Focus Intern.: NativeCarmen Mombourquette
EDUC 4573DSpecial Focus Intern.: TechnolLeonard Sproule
EDUC 4574AFine Arts Internship in Art or Dramatic ArtsJanice Rahn
EDUC 4574BFine Arts Internship in Art or Dramatic ArtsJohn Poulsen
EDUC 4575AFine Arts Internship in MusicEdwin Wasiak
EDUC 4702AIndividualizing Instruction in the Regular ClassroomNancy Grigg
EDUC 4709AIssues in Special Education: Behaviour DisordersSusan Bengry
EDUC 4764OLThe Internet and EducationKen Heidebrecht
EDUC 5200OLCurriculum Studies and Classroom PracticeAmy von Heyking
EDUC 5210OLCritical ThinkingLance Grigg
EDUC 5400OLThe Nature of Educational ResearchDanny Balderson
EDUC 5400OLAThe Nature of Educational ResearchDanny Balderson
EDUC 5500OLUnderstanding Professional Practice and Professional DevelopmentRichelle Marynowski
EDUC 5610OLLeadership and Professional Practice In Curriculum and AssessmentPamela Adams
EDUC 5622ACounselling Psychology: Gender and Cultural IssuesNoella Piquette
EDUC 5635XEducational Leadership Internship ICarmen Mombourquette
EDUC 5637XEducational Leadership Internship IICarmen Mombourquette
EDUC 5704ACounselling Psychology: SkillsElaine Greidanus
EDUC 5705ACounselling Psychology: TheoryGloria Pasmeny
EDUC 5709XCounselling Psychology: Practicum IGary Tzu
EDUC 5709XACounselling Psychology: Practicum IPhil Jones
EDUC 5712ACounselling Psychology: Research MethodsThelma Gunn
EDUC 6023ACounselling Psychology: ThesisGary Tzu
EDUC 6023BCounselling Psychology: ThesisDarren Christensen
EDUC 6024ACounselling Psychology: ThesisRichard Butt
EDUC 6024BCounselling Psychology: ThesisNoella Piquette
EDUC 6024CCounselling Psychology: ThesisGary Tzu
EDUC 6024DCounselling Psychology: ThesisJames Sanders

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