Celebrating Inquiry: Fall 2014 V.1 no. 1

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Entrepreneurship…Todd Manton

I chose to develop a project around my past experiences in life, and goal setting with my students. I am a mature student with a lot of life experience and I am also developing a small business outside of the realm of education. The purpose of the project was to inspire students to set goals, as well as understand that if you want to achieve something in your life it takes dedication and a positive attitude.

I was quite surprised with the impact that my project has had on the students in my school in relation to attitudes towards goal setting and achievement. As mentioned, my idea was to get kids thinking about different opportunities in life and to realize that pushing yourself towards a personal goal, regardless of how big or small, is possible. I come from a colourful background and the students that benefited most from this background were the Dash 2 students, as the project really addresses the thought process of feeling inadequate in today’s education system. It proved to be something that helped kids look at themselves and their possibilities in a different light.

Todd graduated as a Social Studies Major and is excited to share his project.