Celebrating Inquiry: Fall 2014 V.1 no. 1

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Masked Theatre Performance…Megan Hewko

Masked Theatre was a project that I came up with in hopes to bring dramatic arts to elementary school students. My project has been designed for 10 grade four students and 10 grade five students. I will be mixing reading levels together to create 4 groups of 5 students. The students will be given the flexibility to choose a readers theatre script as a group and then they will be expected to choose a character suited for their reading ability as well as performance comfort. After the students have chosen their scripts and characters they will get to put their artistic skills to work to create a mask that suits their character. The students will have lots of freedom with how they create their masks as long as they follow a few guidelines. After the masks have been created the students will be then taught how to perform while wearing a mask or holding a mask. After a few hours of rehearsing the students will then be performing in front of their peers at the weekly school assembly.

This project will be beneficial to the students and staff due to being cross curricular and achieving many objectives from the program of studies in the subjects of art, language arts, drama, and health. This project will also help students build confidence as well as social skills with their peers that they will hopefully obtain for the rest of their student careers.

Megan recently graduated from the University of Lethbridge with a BFA/B.Ed, majoring in Dramatic Arts with a CTS minor.