Celebrating Inquiry: Fall 2014 V.1 no. 1

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Using Moodle to Maximize Student Learning…Spencer Wenzel

There are two reasons for choosing a study of Moodle for my inquiry project. First is that Moodle is a great tool to enhance the learning process for students. Also it creates timesaving organizational methods for teachers if implemented correctly. The second reason is that many teachers have a desire to integrate Moodle in their classrooms but lack the technological background to do so. For that reason I have made a Moodle “how-to” guide and gifted it to the school for such teachers.

I received feedback from my students that they enjoy using Moodle and find it very helpful in learning curriculum objectives. Many students requested that I create online Moodle resources for them to help study for summative assessments. One reason they enjoy using Moodle is the instant formative feedback it provides. For example, I would create online formative quizzes students could work through. After each response, students can receive feedback if the answer is correct, with the correct answer provided. This allows students to instantly tell if they are on the right track. Also, I can provide students with a variety of online resources to support learning. The "how-to guide" allows teachers to easily create and add resources, projects and ideas they have onto the Moodle platform.

Spencer recently graduated from the University of Lethbridge with a B.Sc./.Ed, minoring in Mathematics. View his professional site at http://spencerwenzel.weebly.com.

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