Celebrating Inquiry: Spring 2015

Welcome to the second issue of our online celebration of learning and achievement by University of Lethbridge intern teachers. Below you will find 5 profiles of Professional Inquiry Projects (PIP) completed by pre-service teachers in their final twelve-week practicum.

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How can mobile apps enhance an elementary classroom? Which apps are best to invest in?..........Alyssa Andreachuk

Just prior to my PSIII, my internship school bought an iPad mini for each classroom. Teachers were unsure of what apps to spend money on, so I decided to make them an online app guide organized by grade level.

What activities are available to actively and intentionally build classroom community without sacrificing significant instruction time?.......... Meagan Fullerton-Lee

I looked at ways to develop and maintain classroom community in active and intentional ways without sacrificing a great deal of class time. To do so, I found a variety of individual, pair/small group, and whole class strategies that would meet this end in 15 minutes or less.

How does the "Leader in Me" philosophy play a part in our school culture and our students' daily lives?..........Natasha Hayduk

For my project I designed a webpage about Stephen Covey's "Leader in Me 7 Habits." The webpage highlighted the "Leader in Me" philosophy, what our school is actively doing to embody the 7 Habits, and what parents can do at home to embrace the "Leader in Me" beliefs.

What strategies can be used to improve student literacy?..........Kayla Meller

My professional inquiry project addressed the literacy needs of students within the classroom. The focus was to provide literacy intervention strategies that can be implemented both in the classroom and with additional support where available.

How can the school community build character in its students?..........Johannah Wirzba

During my Internship we worked on a variety of projects and activities that would help build growth mindset, grit, mindfulness and gratitude. The second component was a website that gave resources to parents and teachers about character strengths and how to build them.